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At The Travel Academy, we make your dream a reality in as little as four weeks. From the many jobs available for our flight attendant school, cruise line school, and travel agent training graduates to our unlimited advancement opportunities - the sky is the limit – literally! Our on-site Placement Department works with you until you are hired. Many students are placed before they graduate. Students receive lifetime placement assistance and access to our private job posting database. Our flight attendant school, cruise line school, and travel agent training graduates start their new and exciting careers with travel agencies, airlines, tour companies, cruise lines, resorts, and more. Some of our graduates have even started their own travel agencies and home businesses!

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Travel Academy News

Tell ?Em About It!

It’s one thing to listen to someone who is selling a product or service, and it’s quite another to listen to someone who has bought that product or service. The latter just seems to be so much more believable. At The Travel Academy, there are plenty of people who have gone through this program and have come back to tell current and prospective students that they have made (or should make) the right decision.

But these visits go beyond mere sales pitches. The students who come back talk about what is really like to be a flight attendant, and why this school prepared them so well for the job they... Read More!

Published: Thu, 03 Jul 2014 22:00:15

Forward Motion

Four weeks has come and gone in the blink of an eye with the last 120-hour class at The Travel Academy. Today was their graduation and sendoff into the world of travel careers.

The ceremony began with words of congratulations and encouragement from teachers and staff alike. The students were clearly moved by the heartfelt words that wished them great success in their journeys. During the handing out of diplomas, many of the students shared their job searching goals. It’s no mystery- these students want to become flight attendants! Student speaker Elizabeth also gave an excellent speech to her colleagues.... Read More!

Published: Fri, 27 Jun 2014 21:34:08