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Student housing is available for out of town students. We rent fully furnished two bedroom, 2 bathroom (some apartments have 2 1/2 bath) apartments. Each apartment includes full kitchens, dishes, beds, and bedspread, dining room, living room, wireless internet, and cable TV. It is recommended to bring a personal set of twin sheets and towels.

Weekly Rent

Apartments rent by the week and include all utilities. You are responsible for food, laundry, and cleaning supplies.

Rent is $100 per week and is required to be prepaid within 14 days before your class start date. There will be a total of 4 people in each apartment. In rare instances, there could be up to 5 people in each apartment. You are not guaranteed your own personal bedroom; you may share a bedroom with 1 or 2 other students.

Students are welcome to stay in the student housing after graduation to pursue employment opportunities for $125 per week, space permitting. Students may remain in student housing after graduation IF & ONLY: THERE HAVE BEEN NO NOTED VIOLTATIONS OF STUDENT HOUSING RULES, POLICE CALLS, ETC. The Travel Academy will make the final decision to allow students to remain in the student housing after graduation.

Apartment Rules

The Travel Academy does not own the apartment complex, we sublease student apartments and your neighbors will be residents who live there year round. The Travel Academy asks that all students remain courteous and respectful at all times when they are staying at the apartments.

During your stay in the student housing, if there are any police calls or calls to the Apartment Monitor that hold strong merit such as noise violations/loud parties, underage drinking, destroying of property, or any other situations against the student housing rules, each student in violation will be charged $100 per incident and you may be asked to vacate the apartment immediately. The Travel Academy is strict on ensuring students are staying in a safe and secure environment allowing each student to feel at home.

The Travel Academy encourages students to use their own discretion when participating in such activities, and encourages students to call the police in emergency situations. Students calling the apartment monitor or police in an emergency situations will not be charged the $100. Students will only be charged $100 for violations of the student housing rules.

No outside or overnight guests are allowed in the apartment at any time.  Only current students of The Travel Academy are permitted in the apartment; this is for the safety of the students and their personal property.

No smoking is allowed in the apartments or in the hallways. If there are smoke detectors detached, cigarette containers, or any signs of smoking in the apartment, all or a portion of the security deposit will be deducted from everyone staying in that apartment. Some apartments allow smoking on the balcony. Please ask for one of these buildings if you are a smoker.  No cigarette butts should be thrown on the ground and must be disposed of properly.

No pets are allowed in the apartments.

The City of Eagan, MN has a quiet policy from 10p-7a and we ask that all students be respectful of roommates and neighbors during this time.  Any loud noises during this time could result in neighbors contacting the police.

Flammable liquids, explosives, firearms, knives, and other weapons are not allowed in or around the premises.

Apartments must be kept in a clean "move-in" condition at all times.  Please do not hang anything on the walls, move furniture or remove items from the apartment. Everything in there is for your use as well as the use of future students of The Travel Academy.

Lost keys will result in a $50 charge PER KEY.

Clubhouse/Fitness/Pool keys are a courtesy, inappropriate activity and behavior will result in loss of the keys for the entire apartment.

Security Deposit

An additional $250 for the security deposit is also required to hold your spot for student housing and held through the duration of your class. The security deposit is due 14 days before your class start date. The security deposit will be returned within 30 days from your graduation date unless you remain in the student housing after graduation, as long as you leave your apartment in the same condition as you moved in.

If you remain in the student housing as a graduate and then move out, your security deposit will be returned within 30 days of your move out date as long as you leave your apartment in the same condition as when you moved in. You must give the housing manager a 7 day notice when you plan to move out.

The security deposit will only be returned if the apartment is in a "clean move-in ready condition". If the apartment is not in "clean move-in ready condition", a portion or all of your security deposit will not be returned.

The Travel Academy charges $60/hr. for cleaning and will pro-rate the amount if it takes less than an hour. If there is any carpet stains that require professional cleaning/shampooing there will be a $125 charge. The total amount deducted will be divided among all students living in that apartment.

Background Check

All students staying in the student housing are subject to a background check through the apartment complex of Royal Oaks. Individuals with felonies are not eligible to stay in the student housing or attend school at The Travel Academy.

Move-In & Move-Out

The Housing Coordinator will contact you approximately two-three weeks before your scheduled class begins to schedule your arrival time. If you arrive outside of your allowed arrival time, you are responsible for finding transportation and housing accommodations until new arrangements with the housing manager have been made. Contact maybe done via email, be sure to check your spam/junk mail for correspondences when it is two-three weeks before class.

If you are driving, a staff member will meet you at the apartments (during your scheduled time only) to assist with move-ins, we ask that you call when you are 15-20 minutes from Royal Oaks Apartments in order to receive your building number.

If you are flying, you will receive SuperShuttle's information about 2-3 weeks before class begins.  We ask that you print this out and bring it with you to the airport. Be sure to call The Travel Academy when you are on the SuperShuttle van. SuperShuttle will drop you off at the building where you will be staying.

If for some reason you miss a flight, your car breaks down, etc. and new arrangements must be made, you must contact the housing manager to make new arrangements.

Students moving into the student housing will receive a move-in checklist on the first day of class and must be signed by everyone in the apartment and submitted back to the housing manager by Wednesday. The move-in checklist is for your protection with your security deposit when you are going to move-out. Your housing area must be in the same condition when you move-out as when you move in.

During your last week of class you will receive a check-out cleaning list. If the apartment is left in a clean and move-in ready condition, the full security deposit will be returned. If the apartment is not in move-in ready condition and you choose to not clean the apartment, a portion or all of the security deposit may not be returned, depending on the amount of time needed to make the apartment ready for new students. These charges may be divided among all the tenants who are staying in that apartment.


When you receive your keys to move-in to your apartment, you must not remove the label on the key. All keys must be left in the apartment upon departure if any key is missing there will be a $50 charge to you or deducted from your security deposit. If we are unable to determine whose key it belongs to, everyone in the apartment will be deducted a portion of the cost.

Vacating the apartments

If you are removed from class for any reason, you must vacate the apartments immediately.

Apartments at The Travel Academy are located approximately 3 miles from the student housing. The address to the school location is:

3140 Neil Armstrong Blvd #220, Eagan, MN. 55121

The address to the student housing location is:

3515 Federal Dr., Eagan, MN. 55122

*Note: Students can be removed from class and the student housing for any reason at any time. If in the student apartment and the decision is determined to be removed from class, students will have one hour to pack up and vacate the grounds. If the student returns upon removal of the apartments, students can be arrested for trespassing.*