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Peggy Hinsch, a Flight Attendant Trainer at The Travel Academy, offers students the opportunity to learn from an instructor who shares her 16 years of experience working as a flight Attendant and Flight Attendant Trainer. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire, Wisconsin with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Communications and Business Administration, Peggy followed her passion for travel and began her career with Northwest Airlines.


Peggy brings to our students her real-life experience of working as a flight attendant, flying domestic and international flights out of Detroit, San Francisco, and Minneapolis. After just two years with Northwest Airlines, Peggy was selected to instruct for Northwest Airlines in the Flight Attendant Recurrent Training program as well as the Initial Flight Attendant Program.


She equips The Travel Academy trainees with the knowledge of airline terminology, hands-on and ground school aircraft training, and emergency management preparation training so that the student can go on to successfully complete flight attendant training for any airline and earn their wings. In addition to her corporate training career at Northwest Airlines, Peggy's substitute teaching experience provides students with an instructor with a proven ability to make the classroom fun and conducive to learning, while considering all learning styles and learning disabilities that students may face.  




Wendy Boles, a Flight Attendant trainer and Admissions Manager, joined The Travel Academy team with 17 1/2 years of experience in the airline industry as a Flight Attendant, Purser, and a trainer in the Annual Recurrent Training department while working at Northwest Airlines (Delta). As an Annual Recurrent Instructor, Wendy taught Flight Attendant emergency procedures, smoke filled cabin drills, aircraft door operations, decompressions, ditching drills, and proficiency checks on emergency equipment.


Wendy has experienced international travels in many countries such as; India, Holland, England, Germany, France, Japan, China, Philippines, Manila, Korea, Haiti, South Africa, Switzerland, and Mexico. With Wendy's enthusiasm for excellent customer service and her many letters of recommendations from her satisfied passengers, she will bring students a wealth of knowledge in the travel industry. In her spare time, she is a motivational speaker and has motivated many men and women with her upbeat, enthusiastic words of encouragement through conferences around the world.

In addition to Wendy instructing students, she also is the Admissions Manager and assists with enrolling students into the 120 hour and 300 hour programs.



Travel Academy News

Spotlight on New Flight Attendants

Obviously The Travel Academy loves to see students succeed and become whatever they want to become: flight attendants, cruise line professionals, or travel agents. We especially love it when our students are featured on the web for taking a chance and doing what they truly desire.

Today one of our students, Connor (recently hired as a Flight Attendant at GoJet Airlines (United/Delta Airlines carrier), was featured in his high school’s online newsletter for going after his dream of becoming a flight attendant. In the article he details all of the training will be doing (the article was written before he... Read More!

Published: Thu, 31 Jul 2014 21:28:59

Flight Attendants Getting Hired

Today students from The Travel Academy had the good fortune to interview with representatives from GoJet Airlines (United/Delta Airlines carrier). It is at these recruiting and interview sessions that students can really demonstrate what they have learned with their flight attendant training at this school.

The day opened with the reps giving a general company overview and explaining what life as a flight attendant is really like with their airline. The reps know that a lot of students are wondering how to become a flight attendant, and these informational sessions really hone in on the specific skills needed in... Read More!

Published: Tue, 29 Jul 2014 20:03:58