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Travel Agent Training- Beijing Bounty

If you like history, then you will enjoy all that Beijing, China has to offer! These are the highlights that you should not miss when in Beijing! 1.The Great Wall – the wall is located north of the city, but well worth the day trip to see it. The Great Wall, one of the greatest wonders of the world, was listed as a World Heritage by UNESCO in 1987... Read More

What Are a Travel Agent's Responsibilities?

Travel Agent Responsibilities  Travelers may ask why a travel agent is needed. Travel can be booked on the internet where consumers can shop around and make their own travel arrangements. However, the personal attention that a travel agent gives a customer is something you can’t get online. Using a travel agent can improve your travel experience.... Read More

Miss Cindy Does Las Vegas!

Education Director Miss Cindy shares her top ten free things to do and see in Las Vegas. Talk about great travel agent training! • The Fountains of Bellagio - beautiful fountain show to music which changes with each performance. The fountains are in the front of the Bellagio Hotel and performances are every 20 minutes. • The Bellagio Conservatory... Read More

Jobs at The Travel Academy!

Placement Director Miss TJ has been hard at work securing visits from many great travel company recruiters. Here is what The Travel Academy has coming up in the near future! • On Thursday, May 7 Bryan Duetsch from Hilton, Corp. will be giving a presentation  • On Tuesday, May 12 Peter Sappanos from SuperShuttle will be giving a presentation    •... Read More

Miss Lynn's Helpful Flying Tips- Part II

Does it really matter where you sit on the airplane when you are traveling? YES! • There is less turbulence in the front of the cabin, if you are concerned about the smoothness of the ride. • Are you bothered by noisy children more than turbulence? Then you will want to be seated in the back of the aircraft because sound carriers forward. •... Read More

Miss Lynn's Helpful Flight Attendant Tips- Part I

Throughout my career as an international flight attendant as well as a lead flight attendant, I was able to identify different key elements that were able to aid me in my success whether I was positioned on the plane, in the airport, or at the hotel. Enjoy! Here's even more information about how to become a flight attendant 1. A flight attendant’s... Read More

Miss Julie's Travel Agent Training- Know Where to Get Great Food!

Miss Julie knows that travel agent training isn't just about teaching geography and booking flights. Enjoy this fun list of great foods and the destinations where they can be found. My Top Ten Foods and Places To Eat  1.    A cruise ship – Everything! You can literally eat something 24 hours a day on a cruise 2.    Chocolate crepes from a Parisian... Read More

Travel Agents Still in Demand

Miss Sheila came across a FoxNews list of "10 Reasons Why You Still Need a Travel Agent." She was kind enough to share the list, as well as her unique perspective on each of the points. Visit us to learn more about our travel agent training. 1. They are educated and have personal experience.   My experience: Travel Agents usually know more than... Read More

Hero in 1C- Miss TJ's Story as a Flight Attendant

As a flight attendant I flew many trips to and from Rochester, Minnesota- home of Mayo Clinic. The Mayo Clinic is world-renowned for treating such prestigious patients as past presidents, movie stars, and shahs from foreign countries. It was a year that my father was very ill and had been treated at the Mayo clinic for an unknown disease.  I was... Read More

Miss Cindy's Top 5

The Travel Academy's Education Director and cruise instructor Miss Cindy knows travel. She has been all over the world. She has also been kind enough to share some of her favorites. Enjoy! Miss Cindy’s Top 5 Destinations Visited 1. African safari in Kenya - My favorite part about this trip was going out on “game runs” in the early morning by jeep... Read More