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How to Become a Flight Attendant- Know Your ABCs!

The Travel Academy's Flight Attendant instructor Miss Lynn knows that if you want to how to become a flight attendant, you have to know your ABCs! Enjoy! THE ABCs OF A PROFESSIONAL FLIGHT ATTENDANT Attitude- The most important thing to possess at any job Beauty- Possessing inner beauty will allow you to shine on the outside as well Caring- A must... Read More

Travel Agent Training- Texas Style

Miss Cindy knows that great travel agent training starts with knowing about great destinations. Enjoy her blog about fun things to do in San Antonio, Texas! ______ This is one of my favorite places to visit for a short getaway! I typically stay downtown on the River Walk so a car is not necessary. Everything you need to do and see is within... Read More

What to Know About Becoming a Flight Attendant

Becoming a flight attendant can be a lengthy journey. For those that love to travel and love to help others and want to work hard in different locations, this career might be suitable for you. For travel, if you want to be a flight attendant, be sure that you are ok with missing important holidays with your family. Oftentimes you will have to take... Read More

The Advantages of Being a Flight Attendant

Flight attendants are responsible for making sure that airline passengers have a safe and comfortable flight. They greet passengers, help them stow their luggage and serve them refreshments throughout the flight. They also must provide information to these passengers about emergency procedures should the flight have any problem. A career path as a... Read More

It's a Family Affair

The Travel Academy's Flight Attendant and Cruise instructor- Peggy Hinsch- has been in the travel industry for 23 years. In that time, she has seen many things (all 50 states, 20 countries, the Eiffel Tower, Stonehenge, Tokyo, etc.) and shared many stories. But what some people don't know is that her family is also very involved in the travel... Read More

What Does it Take to Become Hired as a Flight Attendant

Check out Miss Lynn's tips on how to become a flight attendant! --- Securing a position as a flight attendant does not require years of schooling or extensive training like other service industry jobs. Professional interpersonal skills, a caring attitude, and the ability to make decisions while keeping the safety of the passengers and crew as your... Read More

Tips to Become an Ace Travel Agent

Read Miss Cindy's tips on how to become a travel agent that people refer to their friends! --- As a Travel Agent, it is especially important to be thorough and pay attention to detail. How would you feel if you got to the airport and your travel agent had not informed you that you needed a visa to enter China and now you are not allowed to board... Read More

The Travel Agent and Customer Service

The Travel Agent and Customer Service Miss Sheila discusses the importance of customer service. Her travel agent training class is second to one and will prepare you for a long and successful career. Enjoy! --- A travel agent’s customer service skills are imperative for an agent in order to do his/her job well. The travel agent skills in asking... Read More

The Beauty of Lake Superior

Miss Cindy shares just one of the locations that will help people who want to know how to become a travel agent. Take notes and enjoy! If you live in Minnesota, you don’t have to travel very far to find beauty in your own back yard! Lake Superior is the largest of the five Great Lakes and the largest fresh water lake in the world. Just about a  ... Read More

How to Become a Flight Attendant- Don't Do Drugs!

Travel Academy Placement Director Miss TJ answers more common questions and shows you how to become a flight attendant. Can I be a flight attendant and still use recreational drugs, marijuana, and/or alcohol? The answer is NO! All applicants to any position in the aviation industry, flight attendant or otherwise, must complete a Department of... Read More