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Travel Agents Still in Demand

Miss Sheila came across a FoxNews list of "10 Reasons Why You Still Need a Travel Agent." She was kind enough to share the list, as well as her unique perspective on each of the points. Visit us to learn more about our travel agent training. 1. They are educated and have personal experience.   My experience: Travel Agents usually know more than... Read More

Hero in 1C- Miss TJ's Story as a Flight Attendant

As a flight attendant I flew many trips to and from Rochester, Minnesota- home of Mayo Clinic. The Mayo Clinic is world-renowned for treating such prestigious patients as past presidents, movie stars, and shahs from foreign countries. It was a year that my father was very ill and had been treated at the Mayo clinic for an unknown disease.  I was... Read More

Miss Cindy's Top 5

The Travel Academy's Education Director and cruise instructor Miss Cindy knows travel. She has been all over the world. She has also been kind enough to share some of her favorites. Enjoy! Miss Cindy’s Top 5 Destinations Visited 1. African safari in Kenya - My favorite part about this trip was going out on “game runs” in the early morning by jeep... Read More

New Travel Careers- Spring, 2015!

Today was the beginning of new chapters in the lives of many people at The Travel Academy. 61 future flight attendants, cruise ship professionals, and travel agents came together to move forward in their new travel careers. The day began with words of welcome and encouragement from president and owner Curt Armstrong. Placement Director TJ Bang... Read More

Two Graduations- Too Fun!

Friday marked an important day in the lives of many people. Two classes of future flight attendants, cruise line professionals, travel agents, and hospitality professionals ended their journeys at The Travel Academy to go on and put what they learned into practice. Students from both the 300-Hour Expanded Program and the 120-Hour Overview... Read More

How to Become a Flight Attendant- More Interviewing Tips

Knowing what you're getting into BEFORE you get into it might just be some of the best information out there. It's certainly better than the information that you find out AFTER. At The Travel Academy, we know that if you want to know how to become a flight attendant, you have to know what specific airlines are looking for in their candidates,... Read More

American Cruise Lines at The Travel Academy's Cruise Ship School

Today was another big day for new travel careers at The Travel Academy. A recruiter from American Cruise Lines, another one of TTA's longtime partners, came to interview (and most likely hire) many of our students. Several former students took advantage of The Travel Academy's Free Lifetime Job Placement service. As students develop in their... Read More

How to Become a Flight Attendant- Simulate!

One of the best ways to practice if you want to know how to become a flight attendant is to simulate the interview process. At The Travel Academy, mock open houses and interviews are among the most important training activities our students complete. Our 120-Hour students completed one today. Here is some information that instructors give to all... Read More

Cruise Ship School- All Aboard, All Hired!

This week was another remarkable one for Travel Academy students starting new travel careers. One of The Travel Academy's hiring partners, Norwegian Cruise Line, hired no fewer than 27 students out of the 27 that applied! Both Norwegian Cruise Line and The Travel Academy embrace digital technology, and the interviews were held via Skype. It was in... Read More

Flight Attendant School- Needed Documents for Interviews

This week in career development class, students are preparing for a recruiting event with Mesa Airlines (United Airlines/US Airways carrier). One of the first (and most difficult) parts of the application process is knowing which documents are needed. The Travel Academy knows that any flight attendant school should provide this information to its... Read More