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What is Crew Scheduling?

Crew scheduling refers to the assignment of airport personnel to maintain a schedule so they can meet organizational goals. Aircrafts vary in regards to the skill and experience of the crew required to run and maintain it. The person charged with developing a schedule is known as a crew scheduler. Their job is to direct people with specific... Read More

Cruise Ship School Tips For First Time Cruisers- Pt. II

Here's part II of Miss Cindy's cruise ship school tips to be a pro cruiser. Enjoy and take notes! ________ Airport arrival at the port city If your cruise fare included transfers or you purchased them, then head to the baggage claim area. There will be cruise staff waiting to direct you to the motor-coaches once you have your bags. If you didn’t... Read More

Flight Attendant School- Learn as a Child!

Flight attendant instructor Miss Deanna discusses how she traveled to Alaska and learned that she wanted to become a flight attendant. Enjoy! _______ When I was in Middle School my family and grandparents drove two fifth-wheel Winnebago campers to Anchorage, Alaska. The journey took us 10 days through the most beautiful Canadian scenery. One of my... Read More

Flight Attendant School of Opportunity!

This fall term has been remarkably busy for everyone at The Travel Academy's flight attendant school- the administration, the instructors, and especially the hard working students. The Travel Academy has been visited by no fewer than five airlines: 1. PSA Airlines (US Airways/American Airlines carrier) 2. GoJet Airlines (United Airlines/US Airways... Read More

5 Benefits of Being a Flight Attendant

Have you ever read a job description where traveling and meeting new people were two of the requirements? If not, you have probably never considered a career as a flight attendant. If you are looking for a job that is both fun and that compensates well, you may want to consider it. Have you ever read a job description where traveling and meeting... Read More

Cruise Ship School Tips for First Time Cruisers

If anyone knows how to run a cruise ship school, it's Miss Cindy. Check out some of her tips to become a professional cruiser!  ____ As a 40-time cruiser, I would like to share some tips on what to expect when taking your very first cruise. There are some important things to do prior to arriving at the pier, and then I will share tips and ideas... Read More

Mock Open Houses at TTA's Flight Attendant School

One thing anyone who is considering going to a flight attendant school should think about is how well the school prepares him or her for the "real world" of the job search and interview process. The Travel Academy does all it can to make sure its students are fully aware of what to expect when they search for flight attendant jobs. The Travel... Read More

How to Become a Flight Attendant- Travel!

The Travel Academy's newest Flight Attendant Instructor Miss Deanna certainly knows how to become a flight attendant. She worked at Northwest Airlines for over 17 years. Check out her thoughts about one of America's favorite cities- San Francisco! _______ San Francisco is fun and an exciting place to visit. You will definitely want to take in the... Read More

3 Common Myths About Flight Attendants

For many people, flight attendants are mysterious creatures who appear in sleek blazers and vests to dispense tiny cans of soda and dinners served with diminutive silverware. They are able to defy the captain’s orders, walking around freely even with the fasten seat belt light on and seem utterly unbothered by turbulence that makes everyone else’s... Read More

Travel Agent Training- Obey The Travelers' Ten Commandments

Check out Ms. Cindy's blog about how to travel like a pro. She knows that great travel agent training starts with knowing how be a good traveler yourself. So enjoy these points and take some notes.  ________ As a travel agent, many years ago I was given the Travelers' Ten Commandments below. We gave this out to some of our clients. There are some... Read More