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3 Common Myths About Flight Attendants

For many people, flight attendants are mysterious creatures who appear in sleek blazers and vests to dispense tiny cans of soda and dinners served with diminutive silverware. They are able to defy the captain’s orders, walking around freely even with the fasten seat belt light on and seem utterly unbothered by turbulence that makes everyone else’s... Read More

Travel Agent Training- Obey The Travelers' Ten Commandments

Check out Ms. Cindy's blog about how to travel like a pro. She knows that great travel agent training starts with knowing how be a good traveler yourself. So enjoy these points and take some notes.  ________ As a travel agent, many years ago I was given the Travelers' Ten Commandments below. We gave this out to some of our clients. There are some... Read More

4 Benefits of Becoming a Flight Attendant

1. You can obtain endless travel miles The most obvious benefit of becoming a flight attendant is that the airline company you work for will make travel phenomenally easy and cheap for you and likely your family. Many airlines offer free stand-by flights to their employees, while others give employees a pool of guaranteed flight miles. This means... Read More

Travel Agent Training- Time to Plan!

Miss Sheila shares some tips about when people like to book trips- just a tiny bit of her great travel agent training! ________ Schools and universities have started classes, and with that, students and family members are looking to their calendars to plan upcoming school breaks. If you are planning on traveling around the Thanksgiving holiday,... Read More

The History of the Flight Attendant Profession

The aircraft industry is not much more than 100 years old, and the history of flight attendants started in 1912. The first flight attendant was Heinrich Kubis. Throughout the past 100 years, the airline industry has made many different changes in its hiring regulations.   How Has the Flight Attendant Hiring Process Changed Over the Years? In the... Read More

How to Become a Flight Attendant- Have a Sense of Humor!

Miss Julie shows you that having a sense of humor can help you learn how to become a flight attendant. How to Become a Flight Attendant- Be Funny! If you’ve ever flown on an airplane, you have seen and heard a safety demonstration. This very important ritual is performed prior to take-off on all aircraft to familiarize passengers with safety... Read More

How to Become a Flight Attendant- Be Prepared for Weird Questions!

The Travel Academy's Career Development Instructor Miss Julie knows how to become a flight attendant; she worked as one for many years. Check out some of the crazier interview questions she has encountered. Don't dismiss these questions as just silly things that interviewers ask people to amuse themselves. The answers to these questions may very... Read More

How to Become a Flight Attendant- Know Your ABCs!

The Travel Academy's Flight Attendant instructor Miss Lynn knows that if you want to how to become a flight attendant, you have to know your ABCs! Enjoy! THE ABCs OF A PROFESSIONAL FLIGHT ATTENDANT Attitude- The most important thing to possess at any job Beauty- Possessing inner beauty will allow you to shine on the outside as well Caring- A must... Read More

Travel Agent Training- Texas Style

Miss Cindy knows that great travel agent training starts with knowing about great destinations. Enjoy her blog about fun things to do in San Antonio, Texas! ______ This is one of my favorite places to visit for a short getaway! I typically stay downtown on the River Walk so a car is not necessary. Everything you need to do and see is within... Read More

What to Know About Becoming a Flight Attendant

Becoming a flight attendant can be a lengthy journey. For those that love to travel and love to help others and want to work hard in different locations, this career might be suitable for you. For travel, if you want to be a flight attendant, be sure that you are ok with missing important holidays with your family. Oftentimes you will have to take... Read More