Flight Attendant School- Dealing with Difficult Passengers

Miss Julie, one of The Travel Academy’s esteemed faculty members, was a flight attendant for many years. Now she delivers some of the best flight attendant training that aspiring flight attendants can find. 

However, before teaching at a flight attendant school, she had her share of difficult passengers. She has compiled a list of her four most “hard-to-handle” clients. Enjoy! 


4.  A business traveler who demanded that a Diet Coke, chilled to a certain temperature, be in the mini-bar in his hotel room when he arrived.

 3.  A young woman who kept grabbing my arm asking for help when I passed her.  It was a full flight and I was the lead and very busy.  I apologized to her and said I would be back to help her as soon as I could.  When I was able to see what she needed, she pointed to her napkin, that was on the floor by her feet, and asked me to pick it up!

 2.  A business traveler who, every time he booked a flight, requested a seat on the sunny side of the plane at take-off. (I am not kidding)

 1. A client who was mad at me, the airline and everyone because his flight to Las Vegas was cancelled due to a blizzard.  He had to fly out Friday morning instead of Thursday night. He threw a fit when it happened and again when he returned. He wanted his money back because he lost a night of his vacation. When the airline told him they would not reimburse him he came back to me, and I had to tell him the same thing.  He told me he was going to come over to our office and hit me in the head with a baseball bat!  He never showed up, but we called the police. They found him and had a talk with him.  They asked me if I wanted to press charges, but I said no.  I just wanted him to go away.  I found out a couple of months later that the reason he was so mad and freaked out on me was because the woman he took on the trip was his girlfriend and his wife found out about it!


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Cruise Line Training and Hiring

Norwegian Cruise Line and American Cruise Lines are both scheduled to interview and hire Travel Academy students in the September 15th session. Both of these excellent cruise lines have been hiring our graduates for several years. In fact there are well over 150 Travel Academy graduates sailing around the Hawaiian Islands with Norwegian Cruise Line right now!

The cruise line training at The Travel Academy is second to none. The curriculum is constantly updated to keep up with this ever changing industry. Here you will be trained in food service, customer service, cruise terminology, and much more. The training and contacts at The Travel Academy are invaluable assets to anyone who is interested in a cruise career.

Stay tuned to future posts to see updates on our students getting hired by these cruise lines and other travel companies! 


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Four Airlines Scheduled to Hire Flight Attendants in October

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A Flight Attendant School that Cares

Last week, students from the June 23rd 300-hour class graduated from The Travel Academy. As is customary for all Travel Academy graduations, friends and family members came out by the dozens (some from across the country) to witness the happy event.

One graduate- Jamie- was kind enough to go on video and tell us about her experience at The Travel Academy. Not only was she ready, her father and his wife were ready to weigh in on the flight attendant (and life) training that Jamie had received while attending this school. Jamie detailed her surprise at the amount of material she learned , while her father, Mike, commended The Travel Academy’s level of care and concern for his daughter. Mike’s wife, Velma, talked about how much Jamie had grown as a person while attending The Travel Academy.

Jamie was hired by GoJet Airlines (Delta/United Airlines carrier) even before she graduated! Check out her video here.


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How To Become a Flight Attendant-Attend Recruitment Sessions!

Today we look at another answer to the neverending question of how to become a flight attendant: attend recruitment sessions!

The answer seems obvious. Of course your chances of getting hired increase if you’re at a hiring/recruitment event. The only trouble is how to find and attend them. And even if you know about the event in question, you often need to be invited! 

Today, students at The Travel Academy were given yet another great opportunity to show off their flight attendant training by meeting with representatives from Mesa Airlines (United Airlines/US Airways carrier). After a brief informational session, students sat down to personal interviews. In the next few days, we will find out who are the newest flight attendants for this prestigious airline.

Students at The Travel Academy are visited by many great travel companies in a term to increase their odds of finding the best possible job for their skills.

Mesa Airlines Recruitment Session

Mesa Airlines Recruitment Session

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American Cruise Lines Visits Again!

Today students at The Travel Academy were visited by a representative from American Cruise Lines for recruiting and hiring. As stated in other blogs, The Travel Academy is the ONLY school that a person can graduate from and go directly to work for ACL!

The cruise line training provided by The Travel Academy is second to none. Students are trained in many skill areas, often to company-specific standards! This sharp training gives our students the edge they need over other applicants for these extremely sought-after positions. 

At the end of the day, two of our students already had job offers. As time goes by, many other offers are sure to follow. Stay tuned for more blogs posts to see who was hired!

A representative from American Cruise Lines visits The Travel Academy to recruit and hire students.

A representative from American Cruise Lines visits The Travel Academy to recruit and hire students.

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How to Become a Flight Attendant- What Really Works?

It’s rare that a school actually prepares a student for the exact profession in which he or she wants to work. People ask themselves, “How do I become a successful entrepreneur?” or “How do I become a great marketer?” More often than not, they go to a college to study the subject that interests them (and a lot of other things). Whether or not they actually work in those jobs is a different matter altogether. It’s unfortunate, really, that someone could spend so much time, money, and effort on an education that can’t get them the job they want.

So when people start to wonder how to become a flight attendant, it’s encouraging that there is an institution out there that can greatly improve their odds (if not guarantee) employment in the invigorating field of flight attending: The Travel Academy!

By coming to The Travel Academy, people are educated to become the best flight attendants they can be- everything from safety to customer service to professional development is covered at length. Moreover, the professional contacts provided by The Travel Academy are second to none, and the placement record for this school speaks for itself. 

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Flight Attendant Training- Emergency Evacuations

Today the 120-hour students visited a popular nearby flight attendant training center to practice emergency evacuations- among many other important flight attendant duties.

Miss Peggy led a group of excited soon-to-be flight attendants to the cabin trainer where they practiced duties including boarding, pre-flight inspections, working with unaccompanied minors, and many others. The students learned quickly and were eager to put the new skills into practice.

After the time in the cabin trainer, the students moved over to the emergency slide where Miss TJ was waiting to give them proper training on how to evacuate an aircraft. They had to learn a number of steps that must be followed in exact order. Finally, the students performed the scariest (and most fun) part of the exercise- going down the emergency slide themselves!


Students receive excellent flight attendant training at a nearby training facility.

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Flight Attendant Training in Action- Part II

Yesterday we welcomed Janey to The Travel Academy’s admissions team and heard the first part of her travel career story. Today we continue…

After working as a travel agent for AAA for almost three years, Janey put her flight attendant training to use and became an international flight attendant and lead trainer for over five years. In that time she visited Africa, London, and the Caribbean (among other places). Her career as a flight attendant also included stints with Sun Country Airlines and Mesaba Airlines (Delta carrier).

Janey’s career took an unexpected and fortunate turn when she responded to an ad put out by The Travel Academy for an admissions representative. She has only been here a week, but she has already helped several students start their travel careers by getting them enrolled in classes at The Travel Academy!

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Flight Attendant Training in Action- Part I

This week The Travel Academy welcomed the newest member of its admissions team. Say hello to Janey! :) Her story is certainly a interesting one…

Janey always loved to travel and wanted to make a career of it, so she attended the now defunct McConnell Travel School in the early 1990s. After graduating, she became a ticket agent at a regional airport in the Twin Cities. However, over time she grew dissatisfied with the trajectory her career was taking. 

After several years of working in other (non-travel) jobs, Janey discovered and attended The Travel Academy in 2000. Here she received the flight attendant training that would later serve her well in her career. However, even before she graduated, she was offered a job at AAA as a Travel Agent. As a Travel Agent, she took many “familiarization” trips to destinations such as Las Vegas, Miami, Jamaica, Orlando, San Diego, and Los Angeles…

Read the next post to hear the rest of Janey’s story!

Janey- former head of Flight Attendant training joins The Travel Academy's team.

Janey- former head of Flight Attendant training joins The Travel Academy’s team.

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