How to Become a Flight Attendant- Learn Safety Equipment

Hands-on training is irreplaceable when it comes to learning how to use safety equipment. You can read about it all you want, but until you get your hands on the equipment, you don’t fully understand how the thing works. The following is a list of great information about important a few pieces of safety equipment that our flight attendant instructors teach to our students:


LOCATION: Flight Deck

PRE-FLIGHT: - In the proper location
– Secure in its brackets
– Plastic cover over blade

USE: Land evacuation or survival



PRE-FLIGHT: Lead & wire seal is intact

USE: Remove from bracket. To open, lift latches to break the seal.

- Adhesive bandage & tape

- Ammonia inhalants
- Bandage compress
- First aid cream
- Scissors
- Wire splint
- Triangular bandage


LOCATION: Cabin & flight deck

PRE-FLIGHT: Gauge is in the green. Pin is through the handle, plastic seal is through the pin & the handle. Nozzle free from obstructions


- Remove from brackets
- Brace against your knee
- Twist the pin to break the seal
- Aim at the base of the fire
- Squeeze the handle
- Sweeping motions

DURATION: 8 seconds continuously or 25 seconds intermittently

If you want to know more about how to become a flight attendant, visit our flight attendant career page.

Flight Attendant Safety

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What to Expect After Flight Attendant School

A lot of people come and go through The Travel Academy’s flight attendant school. Not everyone knows exactly what to expect once they pass and get hired by an airline. Here’s a quick list on you can expect to learn at most airlines once training has begun:

  • After initial ground training a flight attendant will complete 5 hours of supervised flight time to complete the final leg of training in becoming a flight attendant
  • After initial training, Flight Attendants are required to be re-certified once per year on Emergency Evacuations. This training is called Annual Recurrent Training.
  • Federal Aviation Regulations require an aircraft to be evacuated in 90 seconds or less.
  • Initial flight attendant training will include- Aircraft familiarization
    - Announcements
    - Federal Aviation Regulations
    - Customer Service Skills
    - Emergency Equipment Operation and uses
    - Fire Fighting Procedures/types of fires
    - Medical Care Procedures
    - will learn how to communicate with their crew in an emergency
    - will learn how to give directives to passengers in an emergency
    - passenger boarding responsibilities
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How to become a Flight Attendant- Be a Leader!

One of the most important things we teach at The Travel Academy’s flight attendant school is leadership- the skill to see an opportunity to improve a situation and then actually do it.

Miss Lynn gave an important lesson recently about the duties and responsibilities of lead flight attendants. Any student who wanted to know how to become a flight attendant was completely engaged in the day’s content. Here’s a sneak peak at the just some of the great information passed along.

Before Briefing

• Sign in – make sure all FA’s have signed-in (depending on your base)
• Obtain all paperwork for length of pairing
• Check mailbox
• If missing a crewmember, contact scheduling ASAP! If a crewmember is 5 minutes late, scheduling will have them replaced!
• If International: Obtain “International Paperwork” – make sure there is enough forms for entire trip (inbound/outbound customs forms, immigration cards, vessel report, crew dec.’s, and I-94s)


• Should last about 10 minutes
• FA’s bid for work positions
• Brief with Captain (weather, flight time, emergency chime signal, and any other special instructions)
• Review safety and emergency procedures
• Review security procedures
• Review client profile and passenger count with FA’s
• Review service procedures

Pre-departure – prior to boarding 

• Ensure all FA’s complete emergency equipment check (Report and document any discrepancies immediately to Captain or Mechanic)
• Ensure meal count is sufficient for passenger load and have accounted for all galley items
• Ensure all equipment has been returned from catering (coffeepots, ice-buckets, oven racks, etc.)
• Count liquor
• Check with CSA for any special items or information needed (i.e. wheelchairs, special needs passengers, UMs, special meals, baggage in the forward belly, etc.)
Departure – before doors are closed
• Greet passengers at boarding door
• Ensure boarding announcements are made
• Obtain manifest from CSA – give one copy to cockpit
• Ensure passenger count matches the manifest
• If International: Obtain General Dec.’s from CSA – ensure it is completed correctly, stamped, and there is at least 6 copies
• Make appropriate PA before closing the forward door
• Initiate “Prepare for departure, crosscheck, and all call”
• Before push-back, tell flight deck “Cabin secure,” then close the door making sure it locks

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Flight Attendants Experience More

Part of the allure (perhaps THE biggest part) of the flight attendant career is the adventure of it. One day, you’re in Milan checking out the latest fashion- the next day you’re in Hong Kong taking in a breathtaking skyline. It’s true; flight attendants have the opportunity to experience many things in life that others simply don’t have.

Placement Director Miss TJ is a former flight attendant. She has a seemingly limitless number of great stories and moments from her time in the sky. She was kind enough to pick her five favorite moments while working as a flight attendant. Here they are (in no particular order). Enjoy!

1. Providing service for the Target dog- “Bullseye”- It was a female bull terrier who had her own handler/trainer. Bullseye sat in the front row with first-class service. She was trained to sit on one side so she would not smudge her red bullseye makeup painted around her one eye.

2. Escorting a returning soldier to his family after returning from duty abroad- The soldier had just finished a tour in the Middle East and was returning to his family. He became very overwhelmed with the thought of seeing his family after avoiding the obvious consequences that, for some, did not make it home. Quite possibly with the combination of lack of sleep, not much to eat, and an extra beer in the airport before departing, it all hit him at once. I walked him to his awaiting family after all other passengers had deplaned to witness a most moving homecoming.

3. Having a little girl- about 8 years old- hand me a picture she drew of me saying that THIS is what she wants to be when she grows up.

4. Being slipped a note upon departure by a passenger, to find out later, after returning to base for the day, that I had made such a difference to that individual. The words of appreciation and thanks brought me to tears knowing that I was doing my job and it had made a difference.

5. Watching a thunderstorm from above at 30,000 feet in the air, sharing the excitement and awe of Mother Nature with the passengers.


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Miss TJ’s Truth

Some of the most important lessons taught at The Travel Academy’s flight attendant school have nothing to do with being a flight attendant- and everything all at the same time…

Placement Director Miss TJ Bang is very passionate about her work. Students learn this fact quickly and fall in love with her humor and wit almost instantly. Along with her role as Placement Director, Miss TJ also spends a lot of time in the classroom assisting other teachers with students’ career development. Recently Miss TJ presented to her students five important rules she lives by- rules that can be used by anyone to excel in any career choice. Enjoy and follow.

Five Cardinal Rules for Life

1. Make peace with your past- (so it won’t disturb your present).

2. Time heals almost everything- give it time.

3. What other people think of you is none of YOUR business.

4. No one is in charge of your happiness- except YOU.

5. Don’t compare your life to others and don’t judge them. You have no idea what their journey is all about. 


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New Year- New Ways to Become a Flight Attendant

Today marked the beginning of a new 300-Hour Expanded course here at The Travel Academy. First days of class are always filled with plenty of energy and anticipation, and today was no exception.

Travel Academy president and owner Curt Armstrong began the day by address the class of nearly sixty students. He congratulated all of them on taking a chance and entering a new chapter in their lives. He also went into detail about the tremendous number of career opportunities that are in the travel industry. Finally he turned the speech over to his staff and faculty- the people who really know how to become a flight attendant.

After the speeches, students were given a tour of the building, followed by their “First-Day-of-Class” photo. They were also treated a tasty lunch of pizza and soda- which gave them time to talk and get to know one another. After lunch, lessons began. Stay tuned to see how this class of travel professionals moves through these next ten weeks!
January 2015 300-Hour Class

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Flight Attendant On Board

It’s always a bit funny when things come “full circle.” We often expect things to move in a straight line in one direction, never to return to their starting point. But why should this be the case? Circles are everywhere!

This week, The Travel Academy experienced its own case of this natural phenomenon with one of its former students returning- but this time as an employee rather than a pupil.

Abby is a 2012 graduate of The Travel Academy, and in the past two years or so, she has made quite a living for herself in the travel industry, specifically as a flight attendant. One week after graduation, she was offered a position by GoJet Airlines (Delta/United Airlines carrier). She worked for GoJet for about a year, and then was offered a position by Sun Country Airlines (a larger carrier) in November of 2013. She is now a “line holder”, which is a more coveted position among flight attendants because of the steady schedule that is often a luxury for new employees. Needless to say, she has moved up quickly in the short time that has passed since she graduated from The Travel Academy’s flight attendant school. 

Now Abby has come back to work in various capacities at The Travel Academy- in addition to her work as a flight attendant. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with this now seasoned travel professional. Stay tuned for more updates!
Abby- Sun Country

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Flight Attendant School Contacts

The Travel Academy is no stranger to seeking out (and successfully creating) new and mutually beneficial partnerships with travel companies. And perhaps no one is more adept at this task than our very own Placement Director, Miss TJ Bang.

Miss TJ was researching open house events for flight attendants and approached the recruiting department for Republic Airways. After making initial contact with RA’s team, she was invited to attend an informational session at Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport (MSP.) She gladly attended the meeting and, while there, met RA’s recruiting team. Miss TJ went on to share with these recruiters who The Travel Academy is and what it does.

Following her visit, Miss TJ contacted the head recruiter and extended an invitation to hold a hiring event at The Travel Academy. The recruiting supervisor, Robin, was already familiar with TTA and very excited to be a part of our placement process.

The Travel Academy expects an ongoing and successful partnership with Republic Airlines that will allow them to hire enthusiastic and well prepared candidates (graduates from our flight attendant school) who share the dream of being a crew member with so many opportunities.




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Words of Travel Wisdom

Miss Cindy, The Travel Academy’s Education Director, is fond of quotes. Here is her list of the top five motivational quotes in her life. Enjoy!

5. Experience- “The world is a great book of which they, who never stir from home, read only a page.”

~ St. Augustine

4. Travel- “Some experiences simply do not translate. You have to go to know.”

~ Kobi Yamada

3. Freedom- “To awaken in a strange town is one of the most pleasant sensations in the world.”

~ Freya Stark

2. Wisdom- “He who returns from a journey is not the same as he who left.”

~ Proverb 

1. Relish- “The trail is not the thing, not the end of the trail. Travel too fast and you miss all you are traveling for.”

~ Louis L’Amour

Miss Cindy

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Travel Industry Success- How to get hired

The Travel Academy’s very own Placement Director, Miss TJ, was kind enough to share her top tips for getting hired as a flight attendant, cruise line professional, or travel agent. Enjoy, share, and USE them.

1. Appearance- Dress professionally!

• Conservative business dress
• Proper jewelry or lack there of
• Appropriate make up
• Clean shaven
• Hair up and back

2. Demeanor- Be approachable!

• Establish eye contact
• Smile
• Acknowledge others
• Be attentive

Body language tips

• Sit/stand straight
• Arms at side/ hands in lap

• Legs uncrossed
• Do not lean on desk or table in front of you
• DO NOT CHEW GUM. Period.

3. Speech- Use proper grammar and etiquette!

• Say “Sir” or “Ma’am”
• Say “Yes”- not “yeah”, “ya”, or “uh-huh”

• Use “Please” and “Thank you”
• “I have seen”- not “I seen”, “I sawed”, etc.

4. Preparation- Be prepared!

• Have everything you could imagine the interviewers could ask for
– 2 (or more) copies of résumés and/or cover letters
– 3 (or more) copies of all identification- plus originals

• Passport
• Driver’s license
• Social security card
• Work visa/green card (if applicable)

• Research the company you are interviewing with

5. Punctuality- Be early!

• When you are on time, you are late!
• When you are early, you are on time!

6. Attitude- Check bad attitudes on a slow boat to nowhere!

• You are being watched from the minute you step foot on the premises.
• Be the professional you really are.

Miss TJ


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