What to Expect from a Flight Attendant School- Recruitment!

Students at The Travel Academy were greeted by recruiters from GoJet Airlines and Trans States Airlines (United/Delta/US Airways carriers). This visit was just one of four visits from airline recruiters scheduled to come for the current 300-Hour Expanded course.

The recruiters began the day with presentations about both airlines. After students became familiar with the airlines’ histories and practices, the individual interviews followed. Students were both nervous and excited for the rest of the day. At around 3:00 PM Placement Director TJ Bang began to spread the news of who was hired. Check out this video to see a few students hear the good news. An incredible 21 students were hired by GoJet Airlines in one day. That’s over 25% of the entire class- and there are still five more travel employer visits to come! 

Stay tuned to learn about even more placements- and always know that you should expect many recruitment opportunities from your flight attendant school!

GoJet Hires






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What to Expect from a Flight Attendant School- Connections!

This week The Travel Academy was contacted by Hainan Airlines- the sixth largest airline in China. Hainan is interested in recruiting our students to work as international flight attendants- flying from Beijing to Seattle and Boston.

Not only do they want to recruit now, Hainan also expressed an interest in forming an ongoing relationship with The Travel Academy to recruit more students as time goes by. Needless to say, The Travel Academy was pleased with such a prospect. We always jump at the opportunity to create and nurture connections that will help our students move forward.

That’s indeed one of the things people looking for a flight attendant school should consider. How well-connected are they? Luckily for people who have chosen The Travel Academy, they can rest assured knowing that their school is well connected with airlines around the country- and around the world.
Hainan Airlines

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Flight Attendant School- Know Your Airplanes

One of the most important responsibilities of being an effective flight attendant is knowing the aircraft you’re working on. You need to be keenly aware aware of how it is laid out for both safety and comfort. At our flight attendant school, instructors educate students on a number of aircraft layouts so that they enter the workforce with a strong knowledge base of many airplanes. This knowledge not only helps students land jobs, but it also helps them move easily from one plane to another.

Last week, Miss Julie went into great detail about the layouts of A319 and A320 airplanes- two common models that many airlines use. Students had the opportunity to practice making announcements and giving safety demonstrations with these different environments in mind.



Know Your Airplanes

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How to Become a Flight Attendant- Practice Interviewing!

Students at The Travel Academy have the good fortune of being able to practice their interviewing skills BEFORE they go out into the “real world.”

All of our instructors know how to become a flight attendant- and they take this matter very seriously. Take a look at this checklist that they use in order to help students hone in on the many aspects that employers will consider when considering them for flight attendant positions.

 _____1. At introduction interviewee had a smile, firm handshake, looked interviewer

(5 pt)     in the eye and introduced themselves by first & last name.

 _____2.  Maintained good posture throughout the interview.

(5 pts)

 _____3.  Maintained good eye contact throughout interview.

(5 pts)

 _____4.  Hands were either in lap or folded on top of the table – no fidgeting.

(5 pts)

 _____5.  Answered all questions asked. Did not overuse words such as “like or um.”

(5 pts)

 _____6.  Answered questions above average.  (Answers lasted 30 seconds-2 minutes)

(65 pts)   (Behavioral Questions included: Job Title, Situation, Action and Result.)  

 * Let the interviewee know if there would have been a better response to any of

     the questions they were asked. 

 ____7.    Interviewee had at least 2 good questions at the end of the interview?

(10 pts)

 _____8.  At the conclusion, interviewee stood up, looked interviewer

 (5 pts)    in the eye, had a firm handshake and thanked them for their time.

 _____9.  Interviewee asked for a business card.

 (5 pt)     

 _____10. Professional attire worn (full business suit & dress shoes, long hair up for FA,

(20 pts)    tattoos covered, non-traditional jewelry removed, make up worn, etc.).

Mock Interviews



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How to Become a Flight Attendant- Things to Avoid

The Travel Academy’s esteemed Placement Director and Career Development Instructor Miss TJ was kind enough to put together this helpful list of things to avoid if you want to know how to become a flight attendant! Enjoy and take notes. 


1. No passport

2. No high school diploma or GED

3. Ineligibility to work in the US

4. Tattoos visible on face, neck, hands, wrists, forearms, legs – below knee, ankles, and feet

5. Multiple piercings on ears and/or face

6. Overweight- (Weight must be proportionate to height for agility and emergency procedures.)

7. Felony convictions- (Including DUIs within last ten years and some misdemeanors)

8. Not fluent in English- (Must be able to read, write, speak, and understand)

9. No driver’s license- (Employers must know you are able to get to and from work.)

10. Too short or too tall- (Most companies, depending on the aircraft, require a minimum of 4’11” and a maximum of 6’.)

11. Not having a properly written cover letter and/or resume



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How To Become a Flight Attendant- Serve those Beverages!

If people come up to one of our instructors and are wondering how to become a flight attendant, the teachers will no doubt have a great deal of advice: learn your geography, airport codes, safety procedures, and customer service skills- among many other bits of information.

One thing that instructors at The Travel Academy will certainly not skip over is the importance of beverage service. Think about it- when you’re on an airplane (other than arriving at your destination), it’s one of the few things you look forward to. So it’s no surprise that students at this flight attendant school spend a great deal of time learning this craft. There is quite a bit more science to it than one might expect. There is a great deal of timing involved due to the very limited space on the airplane and the large number of passengers. 

So if you do indeed come to The Travel Academy, come prepared to serve beverages and do so with a smile on your face- which shouldn’t be hard because your instructors will be of top notch quality, and your classmates will be cheering you along the way!

Serve Those Beverages!

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Flight Attendant School- Emergency Evacuations

People come to The Travel Academy come for many reasons, but one of the most common is that they know that it is an excellent flight attendant school- plain and simple.

Today students visited a local flight training center to hone the flight attendant skills that they have learned in class. In the cabin trainer (a life-size replica of the inside of a plane) Miss Julie taught many skills such as making announcements, dealing with difficult customers, and flight attendant communication. 

In another part of the facility, Miss TJ taught important safety procedures and had students practice going down the emergency slide. Even though it was a fun exercise, it is extremely important for students in getting hired and also in real life safety.

The Travel Academy is many things to many people, and one of those things is a superb flight attendant school where people can get trained so they can find a flight attendant job and help keep people safe.

Travel Academy students  learn how to properly evacuate an airplane.

Travel Academy students learn how to properly evacuate an airplane.

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Flight Attendant Training- Coming Back to The Travel Academy

Students are fortunate here at The Travel Academy. Not only do they get presentations from excellent instructors, industry experts, and potential employers, but they also get to hear from students who have completed the program and now work in the travelo industry. 

This week, students were visited by graduate Nicole, who graduated in June of 2014. Nicole is now a a flight attendant for Mesa Airlines (United Airlines/US Airways carrier). Nicole was flying through Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport, so she contacted The Travel Academy and offered to send some words of wisdom and encouragement to current students. We were of course delighted to agree.

Nicole detailed life in the air, including scheduling, daily tasks, routines, many of which she practiced at this flight attendant school. Students were eager to hear how her education at The Travel Academy prepared her for her career with Mesa Airlines. Nicole told them that the training she received here allowed her to excel quickly in her new position.



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Flight Attendant School- Dealing with Difficult Passengers

Miss Julie, one of The Travel Academy’s esteemed faculty members, was a flight attendant for many years. Now she delivers some of the best flight attendant training that aspiring flight attendants can find. 

However, before teaching at a flight attendant school, she had her share of difficult passengers. She has compiled a list of her four most “hard-to-handle” clients. Enjoy! 


4.  A business traveler who demanded that a Diet Coke, chilled to a certain temperature, be in the mini-bar in his hotel room when he arrived.

 3.  A young woman who kept grabbing my arm asking for help when I passed her.  It was a full flight and I was the lead and very busy.  I apologized to her and said I would be back to help her as soon as I could.  When I was able to see what she needed, she pointed to her napkin, that was on the floor by her feet, and asked me to pick it up!

 2.  A business traveler who, every time he booked a flight, requested a seat on the sunny side of the plane at take-off. (I am not kidding)

 1. A client who was mad at me, the airline and everyone because his flight to Las Vegas was cancelled due to a blizzard.  He had to fly out Friday morning instead of Thursday night. He threw a fit when it happened and again when he returned. He wanted his money back because he lost a night of his vacation. When the airline told him they would not reimburse him he came back to me, and I had to tell him the same thing.  He told me he was going to come over to our office and hit me in the head with a baseball bat!  He never showed up, but we called the police. They found him and had a talk with him.  They asked me if I wanted to press charges, but I said no.  I just wanted him to go away.  I found out a couple of months later that the reason he was so mad and freaked out on me was because the woman he took on the trip was his girlfriend and his wife found out about it!


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Cruise Line Training and Hiring

Norwegian Cruise Line and American Cruise Lines are both scheduled to interview and hire Travel Academy students in the September 15th session. Both of these excellent cruise lines have been hiring our graduates for several years. In fact there are well over 150 Travel Academy graduates sailing around the Hawaiian Islands with Norwegian Cruise Line right now!

The cruise line training at The Travel Academy is second to none. The curriculum is constantly updated to keep up with this ever changing industry. Here you will be trained in food service, customer service, cruise terminology, and much more. The training and contacts at The Travel Academy are invaluable assets to anyone who is interested in a cruise career.

Stay tuned to future posts to see updates on our students getting hired by these cruise lines and other travel companies! 


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