Travel Agent Training- Crossing Borders

People working in the travel industry always talk about the fun and excitement of travel. Of course, these are great things to focus on. However, sometimes it’s good to also take a closer look at the technicalities of travel. This week, in Miss Cindy’s travel agent training class, she taught her students about the different documents needed when crossing borders- international or otherwise.

Of course, when traveling internationally, most people need some sort of passport that certifies a person is a citizen of a particular country. Miss Cindy detailed the different formats of passports from countries around the world. She also covered the importance of and complexity of visas, which grant foreign people temporary permission to stay in a particular country. 

In addition to reviewing these documents, Miss Cindy also discussed the importance of knowing currency (money) exchange rates between two countries. According to Miss Cindy, effective travel agents should know how to advise their clients about these matters and many others when planning a trip. Stay tuned to future posts to read more travel agent tips.



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Flight Attendant Training- In the Flesh

This week, Travel Academy students took a very important step at their flight attendant school; they trained on simulators. The simulator is the link between the text book and the real world. To be sure, it’s not quite the real thing, but it’s certainly more real than reading a text book in a classroom.

Miss Julie accompanied her class to a nearby flight attendant training/simulator center so they could practice skills such as delivering pre-flight instructions, working with unaccompanied minors, leading emergency evacuations, and many other much-needed skills for flight attendants for any kind of airline. Students will use this hands-on knowledge, as well as their familiarity with airlines safety terms, to set themselves apart from the competition when looking for jobs.

As always, the most fun part of the training was going down the emergency slide. But don’t let the laughs and smiles fool you. If/when flight attendants are forced to use this knowledge, they will be cool, calm, and professional.

Check out this video of our students going down the slide!


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Flight Attendant School Appearance Checks

Last week, students at The Travel Academy listened carefully to Miss Julie’s lesson about the importance of footwear and maintaining a professional image at all times. They learned that by refining their dress and appearance, many employment opportunities would present themselves.

Today, students had the chance to put that theory into practice. They put themselves under the careful (yet compassionate) eye of their instructor. Miss Julie met with each student to assess almost every article of clothing- as well as hair, makeup, jewelry, and accessories. In this unit of career development, students really learn how to sharpen their image so that when they meet with hiring managers for travel companies, they will stand out from the crowd as true professionals. To be sure, each student made certain missteps, but they will have the opportunity to meet with Miss Julie once again before the end of the term to put on the “final polish.”

It’s career development such as this that makes The Travel Academy’s flight attendant school so successful at training and placing excellent employees.

Appearance Check

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Flight Attendant School- Safety Announcements

There is certainly a lot of mystique that surrounds the flight attendant profession- the travel, the adventure, the glamour. These are all things that movies and stories like to focus on. To be sure, the profession can have all of these aspects and more.

But the most basic aspect of the flight attendant’s job is to ensure the safety of passengers. In order to do this job effectively, flight attendants need to know a lot, and they need to know it well. At The Travel Academy, our instructors make sure each and every student leaves with a solid foundation of flight attendant and airline safety procedures.

Today in Miss Julie’s flight attendant class, she worked with students on the important announcements that flight attendants make at the beginning of a flight. Check out what the students practiced:

“Please direct your attention to the cabin crew for important safety information. There is an instruction card in your seat pocket that illustrates the safety equipment on this aircraft.

U.S. Federal regulations require compliance with this information as well as all crew instructions, lighted information signs, and posted placards.” 

Indeed, this is just a small sample of how you will learn how to become a flight attendant at The Travel Academy.

Safety Announcements

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It’s All in the Shoes

Most people probably don’t think about the shoes they wear to work too often. For many people, the closest or most comfortable pair of shoes will suffice. 

However, for careers such as flight attendant or cruise line professional, what people wear on their feet is serious business. In industries where people are expected to look clean, sharp, and professional at all times, employees cannot afford to let their footwear look otherwise. 

The Travel Academy knows this fact very well, and we teach our students accordingly. Today in Miss Julie’s career development class, she taught the students about the strict standards that airlines and cruise lines have for their employees’ shoes. To be sure, the focus on shoes was just one aspect of many that all pertain to professional appearances. Check out a few of Miss Julie’s shoe recommendations:

˜• Pumps with minimum of 1 ½ inch heel to maximum of 3 inch heel
• Classic black colored pump is most versatile.
˜• Shoes are required to be cleaned and polished.
˜• Heels should be intact and in good condition.
˜• Leather shoes are more professional and more comfortable.
˜• Avoid open toe shoes, thigh-high boots, stiletto heels, sandals and white shoes

Stay tuned for more helpful career development tips from The Travel Academy!

Proper Shoes


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In With the New!

Last week’s graduation ceremony was certainly momentous for The Travel Academy; it was the biggest class in the school’s 27-year history. Moreover, the class’s career placement rate was an incredible 95%. In other words, 95% of the students had jobs BEFORE they graduated! 

However, The Travel Academy is not made up by a staff that likes to rest on its laurels. This week, they have been dutifully preparing for the next 120-Hour Overview class that starts on December 1st. And even though the upcoming class may not be as large as the previous one, The Travel Academy’s staff expects no less success in terms of training and placement- in fact, they aim to surpass it!

The incoming students can look forward to opportunity after opportunity in the travel industry, as well as top-notch instruction from the finest faculty. Stay tuned to find out more news and career placement in the next few weeks!  

Miss TJ Prepares For More Students


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Friday, November 21st, 2014 was a special day for The Travel Academy; we celebrated the graduation of our Fall 2014 300-Hour Expanded class- along with friends and family.

There were tears of bittersweet joy as the students shared their future plans with the entire group. The vast majority of students (95%) were hired even before they accepted their diplomas- many with more than one job offer from airlines, cruise lines, and other travel companies! Needless to say, the family members were happy and impressed!

Many people may wonder “How can SO many students find jobs?” The answer lies in The Travel Academy’s flight attendant school, cruise ship school, travel agent training, career development, and hiring assistance. The combination of these five areas amounts to a lot of success for our graduates- and the beginning of many travel industry careers.
Class of November 2014


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American and Norwegian cruisers!

Yesterday was yet another huge day for Travel Academy career placement. No fewer than 24 people walked out of The Travel Academy’s doors with new cruise careers at American Cruise Lines and/or Norwegian Cruise Line- two of the biggest cruise lines in the world. Many students were offered jobs by both lines! 

The Travel Academy has had longstanding partnerships with both ACL and NCL for several years. They love our students, and we love their cruise lines. These new employees will go around the nation to be trained and stationed for their respective cruise lines. Here they will use the knowledge that they have gained through The Travel Academy’s cruise ship school to impress both their employers and passengers alike.

As stated in previous blogs, there were two big recruitment events in the past few weeks. Recruiters from American Cruise Lines came for in-person interviews while Norwegian Cruise Line “visited” our students via the internet for online interviews. Both ways worked well, and the number of hired students certainly speaks to that fact. Enjoy this photo of some of the happy new hires!
New ACL & NCL Employees

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American Cruise Lines Cruises to The Travel Academy!

Travel Academy students had yet another opportunity to begin new careers today at the American Cruise Lines recruitment event. 

ACL representatives Joe and Blaine have both visited The Travel Academy several times, and we always enjoy having them. ACL has recruited many Travel Academy students over the years. Education Director Miss Cindy also has adopted much of their training material into our cruise ship school curriculum. In fact, The Travel Academy is the only school a person can graduate from and go directly to work for ACL. When students have studied at The Travel Academy, they are already well ahead of other candidates, and that certainly explains the high ratio of TTA alumni who make up ACL’s crews.

Stay tuned to future blogs and social media posts to see who will be starting their new cruise careers at ACL.
American Cruise Lines at TTA

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The hires just keep coming!

The mood was especially jubilant here at The Travel Academy today. No fewer than seven students received word from PSA Airlines (US Airways/American Airlines carrier) that they had been hired as flight attendants. Needless to say, there were plenty of tears of joy and happy phone calls to friends and family. 

PSA Airlines is a longtime partner of The Travel Academy; they consistently find high quality and professional employees here. The Travel Academy’s flight attendant school prepares candidates with all of the skills they will need to succeed- at PSA or any airline.

PSA visited on November 7th, only three short days ago, and that was all the time they needed to make their hiring decisions. Many of the students who were offered positions also had standing offers with other airlines. For them, now comes the difficult (but rewarding) task of deciding which airline is the best fit for their personality, lifestyle preferences, and professional goals. 

Check out this video of a few people telling the great news to Placement Director TJ Bang and enjoy!



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