American and Norwegian cruisers!

Yesterday was yet another huge day for Travel Academy career placement. No fewer than 24 people walked out of The Travel Academy’s doors with new cruise careers at American Cruise Lines and/or Norwegian Cruise Line- two of the biggest cruise lines in the world. Many students were offered jobs by both lines! 

The Travel Academy has had longstanding partnerships with both ACL and NCL for several years. They love our students, and we love their cruise lines. These new employees will go around the nation to be trained and stationed for their respective cruise lines. Here they will use the knowledge that they have gained through The Travel Academy’s cruise ship school to impress both their employers and passengers alike.

As stated in previous blogs, there were two big recruitment events in the past few weeks. Recruiters from American Cruise Lines came for in-person interviews while Norwegian Cruise Line “visited” our students via the internet for online interviews. Both ways worked well, and the number of hired students certainly speaks to that fact. Enjoy this photo of some of the happy new hires!
New ACL & NCL Employees

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American Cruise Lines Cruises to The Travel Academy!

Travel Academy students had yet another opportunity to begin new careers today at the American Cruise Lines recruitment event. 

ACL representatives Joe and Blaine have both visited The Travel Academy several times, and we always enjoy having them. ACL has recruited many Travel Academy students over the years. Education Director Miss Cindy also has adopted much of their training material into our cruise ship school curriculum. In fact, The Travel Academy is the only school a person can graduate from and go directly to work for ACL. When students have studied at The Travel Academy, they are already well ahead of other candidates, and that certainly explains the high ratio of TTA alumni who make up ACL’s crews.

Stay tuned to future blogs and social media posts to see who will be starting their new cruise careers at ACL.
American Cruise Lines at TTA

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The hires just keep coming!

The mood was especially jubilant here at The Travel Academy today. No fewer than seven students received word from PSA Airlines (US Airways/American Airlines carrier) that they had been hired as flight attendants. Needless to say, there were plenty of tears of joy and happy phone calls to friends and family. 

PSA Airlines is a longtime partner of The Travel Academy; they consistently find high quality and professional employees here. The Travel Academy’s flight attendant school prepares candidates with all of the skills they will need to succeed- at PSA or any airline.

PSA visited on November 7th, only three short days ago, and that was all the time they needed to make their hiring decisions. Many of the students who were offered positions also had standing offers with other airlines. For them, now comes the difficult (but rewarding) task of deciding which airline is the best fit for their personality, lifestyle preferences, and professional goals. 

Check out this video of a few people telling the great news to Placement Director TJ Bang and enjoy!



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Norwegian Cruise Line Pays The Travel Academy a Cyber Visit!

Today our friends from Norwegian Cruise Line “visited” our students through the wonder of modern technology. Placement Director TJ Bang set up virtual (online) interviews weeks ago, and today’s session was one more important step to complete them.

The first part of the recruitment session consisted of NCL’s employee-created informational video. This upbeat but realistic take on cruise life showed students what they can really expect while working on an NCL ship. Employees in the video detailed the challenges of balancing work and personal life, as well as the fun of meeting new and interesting people every day while at work.

Following the informational video, Ms. Bang sent a complete list of interested applicants to NCL’s recruiters. As soon as the recruiters have had a chance to review the applications, they will set up interviews via Skype. Students will be expected to compose themselves in exactly the same professional manner that they would during an in-person interview. Indeed, The Travel Academy’s cruise school has no doubt prepared them well for any and all questions that interviewers may ask.
Norwegian Cruise Lines at The Travel Academy

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Flight Attendant School | Special Needs Passengers

There are many different kinds of passengers that board airplanes each and every day- all with different needs and abilities. At The Travel Academy’s flight attendant school, our students are prepared to serve every single one of them.

Today, Miss Julie led a very important lesson about how to respectfully accommodate passengers with special needs. She provided an in-depth overview of best practices for safety briefings and in-cabin service for passengers who are blind, deaf, and have limited mobility. 

One of the most important parts of the lesson stated that flight attendants and other airplane crew members should treat disabled passengers with the same dignity and respect that is given to other passengers. Indeed, theses passengers have every right to be as independent as they want to be. Moreover, flight attendants must make it obvious that they are willing to help, but only if the passengers ask for it and in the way that best suits them. 

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How to Become a Flight Attendant | Recruitment Field Trips

This was another big week for recruitment here at The Travel Academy. If there is one lesson our instructors try to impart to students, it’s “If you want to know how to become a flight attendant, you need to go to as many recruiting events as possible.”

On Thursday, October 30th, Placement Director TJ Bang escorted seven eligible candidates to Compass Airlines’ headquarters here in Minneapolis. Compass is a carrier for Delta Air Lines, and soon American Airlines. They are currently staffing their Los Angeles base for flight attendants. The candidates were given an informational presentation about the company and flight attendant expectations. All candidates were  then individually interviewed by the Compass recruiting team.

In the end, six of the seven candidates were hired. That’s an 86% success rate! Needless to say, it was a very successful day for very successful students! Enjoy this photo taken on Halloween costumes and their new Travel Academy “HIRED!” t-shirts.
Compass Hires

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How to Become a Flight Attendant- Put Yourself Out There!

This week, Travel Academy students were visited by even more flight attendant recruiters. This time our esteemed guests were the good people from Mesa Airlines (Delta/United Airlines carrier)- a longtime partner of The Travel Academy. We love their airline, and they love our students.

The recruiting event began with a general presentation of Mesa Airlines’ history and policies. Following the presentation, students were called up for individual interviews where the recruiters could really get to know each candidate. Since our instructors really know how to become a flight attendant, the students were all very well prepared. And even though the students were all vying for a limited number of positions, there was still an air of camaraderie among the students. They supported each other during a time that can be quite unnerving. 

Stay tuned to future blog posts to find out who was hired by Mesa Airlines. Remember that if you want to become a flight attendant, attending these recruiting sessions is an invaluable way to get your put in the door to a new career.

Mesa Airlines Recruitment

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What to Expect from a Flight Attendant School- Recruitment!

Students at The Travel Academy were greeted by recruiters from GoJet Airlines and Trans States Airlines (United/Delta/US Airways carriers). This visit was just one of four visits from airline recruiters scheduled to come for the current 300-Hour Expanded course.

The recruiters began the day with presentations about both airlines. After students became familiar with the airlines’ histories and practices, the individual interviews followed. Students were both nervous and excited for the rest of the day. At around 3:00 PM Placement Director TJ Bang began to spread the news of who was hired. Check out this video to see a few students hear the good news. An incredible 21 students were hired by GoJet Airlines in one day. That’s over 25% of the entire class- and there are still five more travel employer visits to come! 

Stay tuned to learn about even more placements- and always know that you should expect many recruitment opportunities from your flight attendant school!

GoJet Hires






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What to Expect from a Flight Attendant School- Connections!

This week The Travel Academy was contacted by Hainan Airlines- the sixth largest airline in China. Hainan is interested in recruiting our students to work as international flight attendants- flying from Beijing to Seattle and Boston.

Not only do they want to recruit now, Hainan also expressed an interest in forming an ongoing relationship with The Travel Academy to recruit more students as time goes by. Needless to say, The Travel Academy was pleased with such a prospect. We always jump at the opportunity to create and nurture connections that will help our students move forward.

That’s indeed one of the things people looking for a flight attendant school should consider. How well-connected are they? Luckily for people who have chosen The Travel Academy, they can rest assured knowing that their school is well connected with airlines around the country- and around the world.
Hainan Airlines

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Flight Attendant School- Know Your Airplanes

One of the most important responsibilities of being an effective flight attendant is knowing the aircraft you’re working on. You need to be keenly aware aware of how it is laid out for both safety and comfort. At our flight attendant school, instructors educate students on a number of aircraft layouts so that they enter the workforce with a strong knowledge base of many airplanes. This knowledge not only helps students land jobs, but it also helps them move easily from one plane to another.

Last week, Miss Julie went into great detail about the layouts of A319 and A320 airplanes- two common models that many airlines use. Students had the opportunity to practice making announcements and giving safety demonstrations with these different environments in mind.



Know Your Airplanes

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