Flight Attendant Mock Interview Training

Today the 120-hour students had the chance to show what they have learned in the past couple weeks at The Travel Academy’s mock open house/interview session.

The mock open house/interview session is set up to be as realistic as possible. Students must arrive early at their interviews and wait in the reception area. They cannot chat with one another. The teachers Miss Peggy, Miss Cindy, and Miss TJ are now no longer teachers, but potential employers. As such, students dress and conduct themselves as professionally as they would in a real interview. Becoming a flight attendant is no small feat, and the interview process itself is quite grueling. That is why it is so beneficial for students to practice their interviewing skills in the comfort of friendly and sympathetic company. The Travel Academy is a flight attendant school that allows people to make mistakes and then correct them before going out into the “real world.” 


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Flight Attendant Limbo School

To be sure, The Travel Academy is a school where stuff gets done. But every now and then, the students and teachers here like to cut loose and have a good time.

Today was Tropical Island day. Students arrived in full tropical regalia and had a tropical-themed pot luck lunch. After the feast, the students engaged in a fierce costume competition that was decided in the end by crowd applause as well as teacher deliberation. After the costume contest, Miss Sheila kicked on the Hawaiian music and began the world-famous Travel Academy Limbo Contest. Here students had a chance to show off how limber they are. In the end, it came down to a student and a staff member. Obviously our student took home the gold and enjoyed the ensuing fanfare. Have a look at this video to see how it went down!



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Hands Up

Flight attendant training certainly is meticulous work. There is a specific order and tempo to operations that must be adhered to, otherwise the entire system can crash. This truth is especially apparent during safety demonstrations.

Students in the 120-hour course practiced safety demonstrations for the first time in this session. They quickly learned that there is much more to safety demos than smiling and moving your hands. They learned that the timing between what is spoken and what is performed must be measured carefully. Jumping ahead of or falling behind the spoken words could lead to passengers missing an important piece of safety information, which could ultimately lead to injury- or even death. Needless to say, the students took the exercise very seriously. 

In the end, the 120-hour students came out with a deeper appreciation of the difficulty of a flight attendant’s responsibilities. To be sure, they also came out of the exercise with greater mastery of the skill.



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Tell ‘Em About It!

It’s one thing to listen to someone who is selling a product or service, and it’s quite another to listen to someone who has bought that product or service. The latter just seems to be so much more believable. At The Travel Academy, there are plenty of people who have gone through this program and have come back to tell current and prospective students that they have made (or should make) the right decision.

But these visits go beyond mere sales pitches. The students who come back talk about what is really like to be a flight attendant, and why this school prepared them so well for the job they currently have. Current students can ask very practical things like, “What is like to be in training for three weeks straight?” In other words, they are allowed to see what their near future might be like. 

Pretty much every class that attends The Travel Academy is visited by at least one former student who lets them know what the “real world” is like. Indeed, that’s why these visits are built into the curriculum.


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Forward Motion

Four weeks has come and gone in the blink of an eye with the last 120-hour class at The Travel Academy. Today was their graduation and sendoff into the world of travel careers. 

The ceremony began with words of congratulations and encouragement from teachers and staff alike. The students were clearly moved by the heartfelt words that wished them great success in their journeys. During the handing out of diplomas, many of the students shared their job searching goals. It’s no mystery- these students want to become flight attendants! Student speaker Elizabeth also gave an excellent speech to her colleagues. She was also kind enough to give each of them a parting gift- a small magnetic airplane ornament!

It is always great to see a class of such fine and determined people setting out on their individual journeys. They entered this school as strangers, but they are leaving it as friends.


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The Brave 300

Today marked yet another new beginning at The Travel Academy. Students from all around the country (and indeed the globe) came together today to start their 10-week-long adventure into travel industry education.

One could sense the excitement in the air as future flight attendants, cruise line professionals, and travel agents met one another and their instructors for the first time. To be sure, each class that comes through The Travel Academy has its own distinct group personality, and this class is no exception. They appear to be eager, determined, and have a strong sense of themselves. One could also sense that these students are going to make the best of their time at this school and use it to their future advantage to find the best travel jobs possible. 

Stay tuned to future posts to follow the adventures of this class and see where they end up in the travel industry!



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Keeping with the theme of the last blog post (hands on experience), students in the 120-hour course put their professional development and interviewing skills into practice today at the airline mock open house and interview sessions.

Students gave their “sparkle and shine” speeches to potential “employers” and their classmates (competitors). They also gave air safety speeches in order to demonstrate their skills and knowledge with different flight attendant commands. 

After the air safety speeches, students were asked one “on the fly” question. Instructors often make these questions up or pull them directly from certain airlines’ hiring protocols. The ability to think of an answer to an unrehearsed question is very important for students to have. It can separate them from other candidates- if they are able to think quickly on their feet.

As always,  The Travel Academy seeks to give school real meaning and show students what it is like out in the “real world” of being a flight attendant. Stay tuned to future posts to hear about more hands on lessons.


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Bring It Down

They say that there is no substitute for real, hands-on experience. The instructors at The Travel Academy couldn’t agree more. They prefer to take school outside the classroom so that students can see, hear, smell, and feel what being a flight attendant is really like. On Friday, June 13th, students from the 120-hour class perfected their flight attendant skills with hands-on training at a local aviation training center. 

The session began with Miss TJ instructing students on cabin safety procedures- everything from the location of safety equipment to crew communication. With help from Placement Director (and former flight attendant) Elisa, the students got an excellent lesson on procedures that they will be expected to know when they become flight attendants.

The last- and perhaps most fun- part of the session was when students practiced going down the emergency slide. To be sure, it is also very important that students know how to do this task safely and efficiently in the event of an actual emergency. Check out this video to see our students in action! 

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Taking Flight

On Friday, June 6th, students from the 300-hour class marked a milestone in their lives and careers: they graduated from The Travel Academy.

With proud friends and family there to support them, the students received their diplomas and travel and tourism professional certificates. The ceremony began with words of praise and encouragement from founder and CEO Curt Armstrong. Following Curt’s speech, teachers Miss TJ, Miss Sheila, Miss Julie, and Miss Cindy all had kind words to share with their students. They all stressed the importance of professionalism in all travel careers- be it flight attendant, cruise line professional, or travel agent. 

After the instructors spoke, student speaker Todd gave an excellent speech to his classmates/friends/colleagues. He too mentioned the importance of professionalism. He also had many funny and happy memories about this school to share. 

It was, as always, a bittersweet day for students and staff alike; it’s always great to see people moving forward in their careers, but it’s also hard to say goodbye to friends. Luckily, The Travel Academy has a knack for keeping people in touch with each other.

Congratulations, graduates!

Congratulations, graduates!

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This Jet has Come and Gone!

People come to The Travel Academy for a number of reasons: training, opportunities, adventure. To be sure, when a person attends this school they receive all three of these things and more. However, one offering seems to stand out among the others: opportunity. Travel Academy students certainly have a lot more opportunities than their non-attending colleagues do. 

Today, representatives from GoJet Airlines (Delta/United Airlines carrier) visited The Travel Academy for more recruiting and hiring. The day began with the reps giving a brief informational meeting about GoJet. Following the informational session, individual interviews began. The mood was simultaneously calm and exciting as students waited for their interviews and for the possible job offer that followed. Five students walked into the building this morning without a job- and left with a new career at GoJet and in the travel industry!

As always, stay tuned to future posts for more news on employer visits here at The Travel Academy. 


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