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Enrollment Fee

An enrollment fee of $200 must accompany the enrollment agreement. This fee covers enrollment, testing, and student processing, and it is credited towards your tuition.

Option 1 

Paid in Full: Balance must be paid in full one month prior to class start date. The perk- no interest!

Option 2 

Our Expanded 300-Hour program qualifies for the Minnesota SELF Loan. This long-term, low-interest educational loan is provided through the Minnesota Office of Higher Education. A student in our program may request a loan for up to $7500. Find more information on our Minnesota SELF Loan page.

Total Tuition- $5900

• Enrollment fee (holds your spot in class)- $200
• Remaining Tuition- $5700
• Housing (if needed)- $1,500 ($150/week for ten weeks)

* If housing is required, there is a $250 refundable security deposit in order to hold your spot. The security deposit will be returned to the student within 30 days after the student moves out of the apartment provided it is in the same condition upon moving in.

* You can apply for class within 30 days before the start date as long as your SELF loan is approved before class begins or you have a different way to pay your tuition & housing. Please apply for the SELF Loan as soon as possible with a credit-worthy cosigner. Processing times vary depending upon the government time frame.