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Why choose The Travel Academy? Our proven track record of nearly 30 years of travel career training and placement speaks for itself! Our thorough, hands-on training prepares students for successful careers in the travel industry.

Admission Requirements

  • Must be a least 18 years old and possess (or be in the process of acquiring) a high school diploma or GED

  • Must be able to read, write, understand, and speak English

  • Must have no felonies within the last 10 years. Airlines will conduct a thorough FBI background check once employed. If you have any questions of any incidents that occurred in the past 10 years regarding moving violations or a criminal history, it may be necessary for you as an individual to conduct your own FBI background check to provide accurate information when completing applications for airline positions. IF YOU HAVE NOT HAD ANY OCCURRENCES, IT WOULD NOT BE NECESSARY TO CONDUCT A BACKGROUND CHECK ON YOURSELF.

  • Those that hold a misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor can be admitted into The Travel Academy, but may not be able to become a flight attendant for at least five years due to government guidelines. Do not let this discourage you. There are many other opportunities in the travel industry for you, and we work with you until you are hired!

The Travel Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, national origin, or age.

Enrollment Procedure

Enroll in the 300-Hour Expanded Program  Financial Aid Available!

Once Admitted

Before your class begins be sure to review the materials to bring to class and study the study guide- especially airport codes. Please print the study guide and bring it to class. Also feel free to check out our "how to dress" page.

* The Travel Academy reserves the right not to enroll applicants who administration feels will not successfully complete the training curriculum, or would be unsuccessful in job procurement. People who have been convicted of a felony or have a history of inappropriate sexual behavior, domestic abuse, or other violent behavior cannot enroll at The Travel Academy. Upon approval, the enrollment agreement and application fee are due in order to reserve a seat in the desired class. All applicants must meet payment deadlines or their space may be forfeited.

Elena S. - November 2014
Flight Attendant / Mesa Airlines (United Airlines/US Airways carrier)

"The Travel Academy is one of the best experiences of my life. The teachers and staff are some of the most supportive people I have ever had the pleasure to learn from. I honestly couldn't have gotten a job at Mesa Airlines without The Travel Academy. They gave me so many options to choose from, and they never let me give up. I highly recommend The Travel Academy if you want a lifelong career and fulfilling your dreams in the skies. Thanks, Travel Academy, for an amazing experience I will NEVER forget and friends I will have for a lifetime."