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    travel industry experience

When enrolling, there is a $200 enrollment fee, which is credited towards your cost of tuition. You can change your class start date with no penalty. If you cancel your registration completely before your class start date, the maximum fee will only be $50. Due to growing demand, there is a need for a policy of “first-come-first-serve” to guarantee a seat in the September 14th, 2015 class. Space will be limited to the first 24 students per class (4 classes total) that pay in full or have their SELF Loan or VA funding approved. Others will be placed on a wait list and moved to another date of their choice.

Both programs offer student housing. If you live outside of the Twin Cities area, we will reserve your apartment when you sign up for a class. Transportation is provided between school and the apartments for class times.

Shavon P. - May 2014
Flight Attendant / Mesa Airlines (United Airlines/US Airways carrier)

"The Travel Academy gave me opportunity after opportunity and opened up more doors than I thought it could have. Because of The Travel Academy, I am on my way to an open house I am well prepared for. I loved every moment of this journey."