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Retake Options

Is it possible for me to retake my course?

Yes, If you have paid off your tuition or are currently paying your tuition, 120 hour students can retake the 120 Hour Accelerated Program free of charge, and 300 Hour students can retake the 300 Hour Expanded Program free of charge.

If I am a 120 Hour graduate, can I take the New 300 Hour Expanded Program?

Yes, if you graduated from our 120 Hour Program you would only need to pay the difference between the two programs to upgrade to the 300 Hour Expanded Program.

If I am a 300 Hour graduate, can I take the 120 Hour Accelerated Program?

Yes, students who graduated from our 300 Hour Program can retake both our 300 or our 120 hour programs free of charge.

Am I guaranteed a seat if I am retaking eigther class?

All seats are awarded to retake students per space availability. We can now accept up to 20 students per class!