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300 Hour Expanded Program




Flight Attendant Training | Cruise Line Training
Travel Agent Training





In the 300 hour program, students receive the same efficient overview of the travel industry and employment opportunities as the Accelerated 120 hour course, along with an additional 180 hours of more detailed information on each travel career, career development, and additional time for hands-on training, and educational field trips.

In the 300 Hour Expanded Program, students receive flight attendant training, cruise line training, travel agent training, and other various travel industry topics! View the full overview of the 300 Hour Expanded Program.

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***When enrolling, there is $200 application & enrollment fee, which is credited towards your cost of tuition.***

Note: In order to enroll and hold your spot in class, you must submit the $200 application & enrollment fee when enrolling in any program.

*Classes are limited to 24 students*

*Student Housing Available*

*Note: Students can be removed from class and the student housing for any reason at any time. If residing in the student apartments and it is determined that the student is to be removed from class, students will have one hour to pack up and vacate the grounds. If the student returns upon removal of the apartments, students can be arrested for trespassing.*

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