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Thank You Veterans For Your Service!
VRAP | Veterans Retraining Assistant Program
Available at The Travel Academy

Thank you Veterans for your dedication and commitment to our Country. The Travel Academy accepts VRAP (Search under Approved education & job training programs, non-degree). Veterans are eligible for both the 300 hour expanded program and 120 accelerated program. If you have questions about the VRAP benefits please search here or contact your local branch

The newest program introduced by the VA is VRAP, Veterans Retraining Assistance Program. There are a few requirements to be eligible for the VRAP program: These are basic requirements, the VA will make further eligibility determinations.

  • Must be at least 35, but no more than 60 years of age.
  • Must be unemployed as of the date of application.
  • Must not have been enrolled in a Federal or State job training program at any time during the 180 days prior to the application date.
  • Must submit an application no later than October 1, 2013.

To further your eligibility determination, you must apply online and follow closely to the directions listed below. After you apply and receive your letter of eligibility, you may enroll for either of our 120 hour accelerated or 300 hour expanded programs.

Once you enroll at The Travel Academy, we will submit an online certification through the VA which states you have enrolled in class. The VA takes approximately 30-90 days to complete the certification process and initiate award payment to you. You will then be responsible for paying The Travel Academy the tuition. It is best to enroll as soon as possible so the certification process can be completed and payment will be initiated to you before your class start date.

For example: Class Start Date: September 10, 2012. You should begin your application/enrollment process now to ensure you will receive your payment from the VA in time to begin class. In order to begin the 300 hour expanded program, we require full payment prior to the beginning of class. If you are interested in the 120 hour accelerated program, we allow you to begin an in house financing payment plan until you receive payment from the VA.

If you have any questions on the VRAP program or the GI Bill, please feel free to contact Allison Nawracaj- . Thank you Veterans and families for your sacrifice, we appreciate you!