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How Can The Travel Academy Help Me Get Hired

Hiring Assistance from The Travel Academy

Many students are placed in flight attendant, cruise line, and travel agent positions before they graduate!

Our alumni testimonials and our list of recently placed graduates say it all!

The winning combination of quality people, thorough training and employment assistance can’t be beat!
At The Travel Academy, we stress the significance of striving for excellence, both personally and professionally, to maximize future advancement opportunities.

Free Lifetime Placement Assistance: you gain experience, we help you move forward.

In-Class Job Search Training

  • Apply for travel agent or flight attendant jobs right in class
  • Resumé and cover letter development
  • Career goal planning
  • Interviewing strategies and skills

Placement Services offered to Students and Graduates

       Once you are 1/2 of the way through our training, you will be given access to

our Private Job Posting Database of travel industry job leads and referrals.

There has always been more flight attendant and travel agent jobs available

for Travel Academy students than we have graduates!

Job Blast Emails

       Once you have completed approximately 50% of our training, you will be added to our

Job Hotline Database and will begin receiving Job Blast Emails. These emails contain

current job postings from Airlines, Travel Agencies, Cruise lines, Hotel/ Resorts & many

more. We recommend you still check the Job Hotline at least once a week because we

can NOT send an email for every open position. Once you are hired you are removed from

the Job Hotline database and will no longer receive Job Blasts Emails. In order to continue

receiving Job Blast Emails you must request them from the link above.

On-Site Hiring Fair 

      Our on-site hiring fairs are wonderful opportunities to interview with travel agencies, airlines,

cruise lines, tour companies, car rental companies and hotels/resorts. Large corporations and

small companies from all areas of the travel industry come to interview and hire our students.

They are in high demand throughout the nation!

      We cannot guarantee job placement; however, we guarantee you will have an opportunity to

communicate with numerous travel companies looking to hire our graduates. Our placement record for

travel agent and flight attendant jobs is extremely high. Our graduates’ ability to impact sales and drive

profits is the greatest testimony to the success of The Travel Academy’s program.

Life Time Placement Assistance

The Travel Academy graduates receive lifetime placement assistance. This means, we work with you until you are hired! And again when you want to advance your travel career. There are numerous opportunities for our graduates all the time and our graduates deserve the chance to advance their dreams!