Retake Options

The Travel Academy welcomes past graduates who want to retake a course- as a refresher or just for fun! Please view the following retake policies.

  • If you graduated from our 120-Hour Overview, you would only need to pay the difference between the two programs to upgrade to the 300-Hour Expanded Program. If you graduated from the 300-Hour Expanded program, you can retake the course free of charge.
  • All seats awarded to retake students are per space availability.
Ashley Y.
Flight Attendant / Trans States Airlines (US Airways/United Airlines carrier)

The Travel Academy was the best school for me. Since I came here, I learned a lot, especially flight attendant training and duties. The Travel Academy also provided the best instructors. They taught me like I was their own child. They answered all of my questions, and they were always there for me. Without The Travel Academy, I would not have gotten this far with this opportunity. Thank you so much!