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Ticket & Gate Agent (Customer Service Agent)

Ticket and gate agents assist passengers with checking in, checking their bags, and boarding and disembarking aircrafts. They also handle seat assignments, collecting boarding passes, and verifying passenger manifests. Ticket and gate agents are sometimes also referred to as customer service agents or cross-utilized agents, and must be detailed and customer service oriented.

As a ticket or gate agent, you will use a GDS system like SABRE, which you will learn hands-on in class, to perform the duties of assigning seats and checking in passengers. Airlines are always hiring for this position, and it is a good way to get valuable experience working in aviation while staying on the ground!

Crew Scheduler

Most people are unaware that crew schedulers exist at an airline, but they are some of the most important employees there! Crew Schedulers assess crew coverage and adherence to FAA rules and regulations for all flights. They also arrange crew hotel rooms and travel arrangements and communicate with crew members regarding their schedules. Without crew schedulers, aircraft would never leave the gate!

Crew schedulers use computer systems very similar to the SABRE GDS system you will have hands-on training with in class. If you can master SABRE, you will be able to take on whatever crew tracking system the airline of your choice uses!

Ramp Agent

Ever seen the Southwest Airlines commercial with all the happy, smiling people in their reflective vests taking care of passengers' luggage? Those are ramp agents - sometimes called "rampers" in the industry. They don't just take care of baggage, they are also in charge of safely towing and parking aircraft, providing security around aircraft, fueling and de-icing aircraft, and communicating with other ground operations crew to make sure your flight departs safely and on time.

You will learn many of the terms and procedures airlines use during your time here at The Travel Academy, putting you a step above others that will be applying for ground operations positions!

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Heather W. - November 2014
Customer Service Agent / Prime Flight Aviation

"Coming to The Travel Academy was absolutely amazing. The Travel Academy has so much to offer in all aspects of the travel industry. I told myself that I would work my hardest and try my best, and now I have accepted a job offer in Santa Barbara, California and will be there by the end of the month. Without The Travel Academy and the amazing instructors, I wouldn't have had this opportunity. I love The Travel Academy!"