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Cruise Ship Opportunities

The cruise line industry has grown tremendously, increasing the number of cruise ships and cruise ship employment opportunities. Graduates of the Travel Academy have started their careers with Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Princess, and Norwegian Cruise Line and most recently with American Cruise Lines. Cruise Lines want to hire our graduates!! From 2000 to 2009, major cruise lines launched 92 new cruise ships- each of these ships employ between 500 and 1500 crew members and support staff. In addition, cruise lines are planning on introducing another 23 cruise ships over the next three years, which will create over 26,000 more cruise line jobs. This growth has created an immediate need for a quality cruise ship school with qualified cruise ship training.



Special Relationship: The Travel Academy has implemented a new training program with the support of our friends at American Cruiselines (ACL).



New Cruise Classroom: The Travel Academy has opened a new hands-on classroom that reflects the exclusive training that our instructors recieved in Guilford, Connecticut directly from ACL. This gives our student an edge!

What does this mean for you? There has never been a better time to work in the cruise line industry. To best prepare yourself for a career in the cruise line industry, the Travel Academy can help you with your cruise ship training. There is no other cruise ship school like ours. Our hands on training is unique! We train you to gain the professionalism to best help you succeed in all aspects of the travel industry; not only cruise lines, but also with airlines, travel agencies, hotels, and resorts.

The placement team at the Travel Academy is second to none - we will work with you until you are hired! Whether you are brand new to the travel industry, or a veteran of the Travel Academy, we will work with you until you achieve the career of your dreams!

You will learn about various aspects of the cruise line industry at the Travel Academy:

  1. Employment Opportunities
  2. Why People Cruise
  3. Kinds of Cruise Lines and Ships
  4. The Ship Experience
  5. Hands-on cabin experience
  6. Pre-, Post-, and the Off-Ship Experience
  7. How Cruises are Sold
  8. Career Development- how to set yourself apart from your competition
  9. Emergency and First-Aid Training
  10. Cruise Terminology
  11. Ports of Call


































There are many different positions available in the cruise ship industry. Our graduates start their careers in reservations, embarkation or disembarkation points, and entry level positions such as utility or dishwashers. Numerous positions require previous experience in the position you are applying for; however, all positions offer unlimited advancement opportunities. The harder you work, more successful you will become! There are many positions on the cruise ship that require previous experience:

Deck Departments

Cruise Directors

Disc Jockeys

Expedition Leaders

Hosts and Hostesses


Shore Excursion Managers

Water Sports Instructors

Youth Counselors


Fitness Directors

Medical Staff

Air/Sea Reservation Agents


Gift Shop Positions


Junior Assistant Pursers

IT Staff

Administrative Assistants

Customer Service Representatives

Casino Staff

Cruise Staff


Gentleman Host


Production Managers

Shore Excursion Staff



Massage Therapists

Fitness Instructors

Personal Trainers

Bar Stewards

Bedroom Stewards

Hospitality or Hotel Managers



Dance Instructors

Booking Agents

Sales and Marketing Positions

….just to name a few! Your career opportunities are endless!

There are many benefits of working on a cruise ship, including traveling the world for free!

  1. Free room on a cruise ship; usually either a single stateroom or a shared stateroom with another employee.
  2. Free meals.
  3. Air travel en route and homeward bound.
  4. Free laundry.
  5. Free medical insurance (required by maritime law).
  6. Discounts at ship-board and often land-based stores, bars, and restaurants.
  7. Reduced cruise rates for family and friends.
  8. You will be able to meet people from all over the world.

Many people who work on cruise ships save most of the money they earn, because they don’t need to spend any money! Starting salaries range from $1,500 to $8,000 a month. Your room and board is usually free, and all meals are provided! Most companies also offer a generous benefits package that includes medical and dental insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, a 401K plan, and a profit sharing plan.


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