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How to become a flight attendant - The Travel Academy Flight Attendant Training


Becoming a Flight Attendant

Flight attendants represent one of the largest job categories in the airline industry. Airlines in the US currently employ approximately 99,000 flight attendants and hire almost 8,000 more each year. At The Travel Academy, we train students from 18 years of age to individuals in their 60’s that have been hired as flight attendants and many other travel industry careers. Without our training, 96% of people that apply to become a flight attendant do not get to a final interview.



The minimum hiring requirements for becoming a flight attendant are:


· Have a clean criminal background for at least 10 years.

· High School Diploma or G.E.D

· At least 18 years of age.


What does it take to be successful at flight attendant school?

· Safety consciousness

· Adaptability and flexibility to lifestyle change

· Customer service skills

· Assertiveness

· Energy

· Ability to multitask

· Professionalism

· Ability to connect with people.



After being hired, you then need to pass airlines’ rigorous specific training. One out of three people do not pass without training from The Travel Academy. Part of our training focuses on teaching you how to get hired and pass their requirements. We do it all the time! View our recently hired graduates! The Travel Academy works with the airlines and knows when and where they are hiring. We work with you until you are hired!



Training for Successfully Becoming a Flight Attendant


The primary purpose of a flight attendant is safety, and at The Travel Academy, airplane safety procedures will be routine to you before you even apply for a flight attendant position. From reviewing emergency procedures and fastening seatbelts to correctly stowing bags and making the flight pleasant for passengers, The Travel Academy will educate you in all areas of becoming a flight attendant. In addition to developing your customer service skills, The Travel Academy will train you in these specific areas that will give you an advantage to becoming a flight attendant:


· Airport codes

· Aircraft configurations

· Airline terminology

· National and International geography

· Daylight Savings | 24 Hour clock | Airline Call Letters

· First aid/CPR review

· Emergency procedures/plane evacuation review

· FAR’s Federal Aviation Regulations

· What to expect during and after formal flight attendant training.

· Resume writing and interviewing preparation.

· Airline open house review and questions.

· Getting your job as a flight attendant.



While our training gives you a tremendous advantage to becoming a flight attendant, we know you won’t get anywhere without an interview. At The Travel Academy, we know when the airlines are hiring and where they interview.



Once you are half of the way through your training, you will be working closely with our placement department and apply for flight attendant positions! Many of our students are placed before they graduate. Our name recognition and reputation speaks highly in the travel industry. Our students are in high demand. All you need to do is follow our direction, be committed to success, work hard, and apply!


In addition to flight attendant training, you will also receive training in the cruise lines, travel agent, hotels & resorts, and more. Training at The Travel Academy provides you with a great overview of the travel industry to prepare you for any career in travel & tourism.


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