Testimonials & Reviews

The Travel Academy is grateful for (and proud of) the great things our graduates
have said about their experience at TTA! Check out these testimonials and reviews.

McKenzie C.- April 2018
Flight Attendant

The Travel Academy has turned my life around and pushed me to reach my full potential. My goals have been achieved and I am so grateful for the teachers and my classmates that have turned into friends. I can't wait to start this new journey as a flight attendant.

Kassandra C.- March 2018
Flight Attendant

My experience at The Travel Academy has been life-changing. I have met so many wonderful people, and I know that the training that I have experience here has prepared me to become a successful flight attendant.

Randi-Roy B.- February 2018
Flight Attendant

It was a very awesome experience. I was informed months before, and everything was what I expected. I've met so many individuals that have taught me and helped me develop to take on this new career. I'm very grateful, and I will cherish this experience for the rest of my life.

Tiffany D.- November 2017
Flight Attendant

I had the most wonderful experience at TTA. The friends I've made from all over the U.S. are those I will always stay in touch with. The instructors are extremely helpful and I could tell they are passionate in what they are teaching. The staff is also approachable when I had any concerns or questions.

Lisa P.- October 2017
Cruise Director

This has been a life-changing experience. The entire Travel Academy staff is so dedicated and passionate about what they do, and I am honored to be a part of this organization. Stepping out of my comfort zone was the best decision I have made, and walking away with a Cruise Director position is a dream come true!

Edwidge L.- September 2017
Travel Agent

During my time at the Travel academy, I learned a lot of things. I learned not be be afraid to fail and not to be a failure. All of my instructors showed me how to be a professional in life. I really appreciate the way they valued the students. At the beginning, I was wondering if I would make it. However, without my teachers and my determination, I would not have been able to make my dreams come true. I would not trade my experience for anything! It was awesome!

Vinh N- September 2017
Flight Attendant

It was a blessing for me to be a part of the TTA family. The TTA staff is so dedicated and passionate about what they do. They helped me to accomplish my dream of becoming as flight attendant. This was a wonderful journey of a lifetime. Thank you, TTA. Now it's time to take off in the clear blue skies!

Shaylynn K.- July 2017
Cruise Steward

My experience at TTA was nothing less than phenomenal! Not only have I acquired so much knowledge and many lifelong friends, the entire staff at TTA is incredible. I feel more prepared to take on this new chapter and career.

Benjamin P.- April 2017
Flight Attendant

Thanks to TTA, I've been able to become more effective in being professional and adept at interviewing. I've developed skills in studying to prove my best, and I made my family proud.

Thaddeus H.- April 2017
Cruise Wait Staff

My experience with TTA has taught me more than just how to travel and tour. It helped me grow as a person and evolve into a better man. I improved my team leadership skills as well as my public speaking. I've learned proper etiquette and how to balance my funds. Overall it's been a great experience, especially for the younger generation with absolutely no experience. Thanks, TTA, for yet another lifelong lesson.

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