Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Students must be at least 18 years old and have acquired (or be in the process of acquiring) a high school diploma or GED.
  2. Those that hold a felony within the last 10 years are not be eligible to attend The Travel Academy. Those that hold misdemeanors can attend The Travel Academy, but will not be able to become a flight attendant for five years unless they complete the Criminal Rehabilitation process successfully. There are many other jobs in the travel industry that they are able to hold such as working in the airport, working on a cruise line, hospitality, travel agencies, and more.
  3. In order to guarantee a space in class, tuition must be paid in full or funding must be secured at least 60 days in advance of the class start date. Airlines will conduct a thorough FBI background check once employed. If you have any questions of any incidents that occurred in the past 10 years regarding moving violations or a criminal history, it may be necessary for you as an individual to conduct your own FBI background check to provide accurate information when completing applications for airline positions. IF YOU HAVE NOT HAD ANY OCCURRENCES, IT WOULD NOT BE NECESSARY TO CONDUCT A BACKGROUND CHECK ON YOURSELF.
  4. Though airlines hold strict guidelines on whom they will employ, people with a misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor, or petty misdemeanor may have the option to obtain a Canadian Waiver, allowing permission to enter Canada. Those that wish to become flight attendants must complete the Criminal Rehabilitation process prior to being considered for the position. As a flight attendant, you must be able to travel in and out of Canada freely (depending on the airline).

* The Travel Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, national origin, or age.

Yes! The Travel Academy accepts students from all over the world. For more detailed information about international students, please visit the international students page. International students are required to pay their course in full before the visa process begins. Payment options are available for international students and must be completed within 90 days of your enrolled start date.

We recommend that students review the study guide that is available online, as you will be tested on it within the first few days of class. We also recommend students review the necessary paperwork and documents that will aid in your success at The Travel Academy. To aid in gathering necessary information for your ten year background, completing an FBI Background Check/Record is highly recommended, though not required. By completing the FBI Background Check, you will be able to know your previous addresses of residence, work history addresses, driving record, criminal history, etc. It is highly recommended that you bring your passport with you while attending The Travel Academy, or be in process of receiving your passport. This will make applying for jobs and going to interviews possible.

The Travel Academy does not accept FAFSA or Pell Grants. These funding sources are for general education programs. The Travel Academy is a hands-on training and placement institution for travel industry careers only. Our Travel and Customer Relations Program is the optimal time needed to get people trained and hired in the travel industry. In fact, in the last nine Travel and Customer Relations Programs, at least 90% of the students were hired before they even graduated. We work with all students until they are hired and offer free Lifetime Placement Assistance to help them move forward as they gain experience.

Yes, student housing is available for out of town students. We rent fully furnished two bedroom apartments. The apartments include a full kitchen with cooking supplies and dishes, dining room set, living room set, TV, wireless internet, and cable tv, twin beds with a comforter and pillows (You supply your own twin sheet set and towel set). Most apartments have two full bathrooms with rugs/shower curtains. Our student housing is located in Eagan, Minnesota at Royal Oaks Apartments.

Student housing is available for out of town students. We rent fully furnished two bedroom, 2 bathroom (some apartments have 2 1/2 bath) apartments. Each apartment includes full kitchens, dishes, beds, dining room, living room, TV, wireless internet, and cable tv.

Only three! With four people (including you) in each spacious 2-Bed/2-Bath apartment, there is plenty of privacy- but also many opportunities to forge lifelong friendships with your roommates. And since everyone living with you is also a Travel Academy student, you will have three live-in study buddies! The four of you will be like a little team in the apartment- supporting and helping each other along the way. Furthermore, since airlines come to offer positions to dozens of our students at a time, it’s quite possible that you could end up working with one of your roommates!

  • Apartments rent by the week and include all utilities. You are responsible for your personal twin sheet set and towel set, food, laundry (W/D are in unit), paper products and cleaning supplies.
  • Rent is $150 per week ($1,500 for ten weeks) and is required to be prepaid within 60 days before your class start date. There could be a total of 5 students in your apartment at a given time.
  • If there are any calls to the police or leasing office that hold strong merit such as noise violations, loud parties, underage drinking, or any other violations, each student in violation will be warned by administration and may be asked to vacate the apartment immediately. Destruction of property will result in a fine and a possible forfeiture of the violator’s housing security deposit. Our Apartment Monitor patrols the housing area to ensure safety and rules are being followed. However, in the case of an emergency, students are expected to call 911. The Travel Academy is committed to ensuring a safe and secure environment.
  • Students can be removed from class and the student housing for any reason at any time. If student resides in student apartments and it is determined that the student is to be removed from class, student will have one hour to pack up and vacate the grounds. If the student returns upon removal of the apartments, students can be arrested for trespassing.
  • An additional $250 for the security deposit is also required to hold your spot for student housing and held through the duration of your class. The security deposit is due 14 days before your class start date. The security deposit will be returned within 30 days from your graduation date, unless you remain in the student housing after graduation, as long as you leave your apartment in the same condition as you moved in.
  • If you remain in the student housing as a graduate and then move out, your security deposit will be returned within 30 days of your move out date as long as you leave your apartment in the same condition as you moved in. You must give the housing manager a 7 day notice when you plan to move out.
  • The security deposit will only be returned if the apartments are in a “clean move-in ready condition.” If the apartments are not in a “clean move-in ready condition”, a portion or all of your security deposit will not be returned, depending upon how much cleaning needs to be done.
  • All students staying in the student housing are subject to a background check through Royal Oaks or Lemay Lake. Individuals with felonies are not eligible to stay in the student housing or attend school at The Travel Academy. There is no credit check.
  • Apartment staff will contact you approximately two weeks before your scheduled class begins to schedule your arrival time. If you arrive outside of your allowed arrival time, you are responsible for finding transportation and housing accommodations until new arrangements with the housing manager have been made.
  • If you are driving, a staff member will meet you at the apartments (during your scheduled time only) to assist with move-ins.
  • If you are flying, you will be meeting the SuperShuttle at the airport outside of baggage claim (during your scheduled arrival time only) a staff member will meet you at the apartments to assist with housing move-ins.
  • If for some reason you miss a flight, your car breaks down, etc. and new arrangements must be made, you must contact the housing manager to make new arrangements.
  • Students moving into the student housing will receive a move-in checklist and must be signed and submitted back to the housing manager. The move-in checklist is for your protection and your security deposit when you are going to move-out. Your housing area must be in the same condition when you move-out as when you moved in. Upon the time of move-out you will need to complete a cleaning check-list. Please sign and submit to the housing assistant. The housing assistant will complete a final inspection of the apartment. If the apartment is left in a clean and move-in ready condition, the full security deposit will be returned. If the apartment is not in move-in ready condition and you choose to not clean the apartment, a portion or all of security deposit may not be returned, depending on the charges on the cleaning checklist.

When you receive your keys to move-in to your apartment, you must not remove the label on the key. If you remove the label on the key there will be $50 charged to you or deducted from your security deposit.

Royal Oaks Apartments are located approximately 3 miles from the school’s location in Eagan. Student transportation is provided to and from school. Walmart, Rainbow Foods, Kohl’s, many restaurants, and medical care are all within walking distance. Local bus transportation is located two blocks from the apartments.

Yes, transportation is provided for students to The Travel Academy facility and back to the student apartments daily at pre-determined times only. If you fail to be available at the pre-determined times, it is your responsibility to get to school or home. There is a weekly grocery store run (usually on Wednesday evenings).

Any additional transportation is at the students’ expense via taxi or bus. All stores are within walking distance from the student apartments and are easily accessible at all times. *Additional transportation includes drug testing, interviews, etc.* The Travel Academy only provides transportation to and from the school daily, field trips, and a weekly grocery run.

If you are arriving via bus or a train,you will be accessing taxi services listed on our web site in Student Resources under Current Students. Choices are listed under Local transportation. A staff member will meet you at the apartments to assist with housing move-ins (during your scheduled arrival time only).

Yes! In addition to many nearby restaurants (many of which deliver), there is a mini food mart in the building.

Students are required to wear business casual attire during class. Casual days are allowed per approval from the instructors. Students are expected to have a suit for interview days, guest speakers, professional appearance checks, and for when students are contacted by employers for interviews. Remember to plan to dress for Minnesota seasons when attending The Travel Academy. Learn more about required dress.

You will be trained for both, along with travel agent skills. When you are halfway through your training, our Placement Department will start working with you and keep working with you until you are hired. Most people are offered positions before they even graduate.

In addition we have life time placement assistance, so if you want to change careers we will help you do that and work with you until you are hired again. You will also start qualifying for advancement opportunities once you start gaining some experience and you can use our life time placement assistance to move forward as well.

This is a great question. Indeed, airlines do provide their own training. However, please consider the following:

  • It is extremely difficult to even make it past the first round of flight attendant recruitment. Some of the skills airlines require that many people lack include interviewing, writing effective cover letters & résumés, and preparing 10-year histories. Many applicants also lack poise and personal presentation. Finally, many applicants lack general knowledge and terminology in the airline industry. The Travel Academy prepares our students in all of these areas and more to give them the edge over their competition.
  • The few people who actually pass the initial screening must still pass the airline’s training. However, many people are unable to take in all the information in such a short period of time and ultimately fail training. The Travel Academy provides you with an edge in the form of 300 hours of focused preparation and career development with a knowledgeable and caring staff. Our instructors worked as flight attendants for decades, so you will be learning from industry experts.
  • Not only does our faculty have decades of experience, our Placement Department has strong relationships with many airlines. These airlines fly recruiters to our facility to interview and offer positions to our students while in class. The majority of our students are offered positions before they even graduate. At The Travel Academy, flight attendant career opportunities come to you. There’s no need to seek them out!

You will get an in-depth look at the entire travel industry. Our programs incorporate flight attendant, travel agent, cruise line training, and more! The program is designed to educate you in all areas of the travel industry to better prepare you for many careers in the travel industry.

  • Flight attendant training
  • Cruise line operations
  • Airline industry operations
  • Travel agency operations
  • Reservations | Accessing flight schedules
  • SABRE Reservation System
  • Fares | Restrictions | Ticketing
  • Ticket and gate agent procedures
  • Domestic and international geography
  • Tour company operations
  • Car rentals
  • Hotel and car reservations
  • Time zones | 24 hour clock
  • Aircraft configurations
  • Résumé, cover letter, and interviewing strategies
  • Career development
  • Job placement

In addition to the major airlines, such as Delta, American, United, US Airways, etc., there are many regional airlines in the US that either work with or are owned by the major airlines. These regional airlines are almost always hiring flight attendants, customer service & gate agents, reservationists, and many other positions, and are a great way to get into the industry and work up to the major airlines if you wish. Airlines start hiring employees at the age of 18 and continue hiring employees into their 60’s.

The majority of travel agency organizations such as American Express, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, AAA Travel, Travel Leaders, and many other successful brick and mortar travel agencies are also continuing to thrive and adapt to the new technologies in the industry. There are also numerous Internet travel websites all needing quality travel industry trained employees.

Cruise lines including ocean liners and river cruises. The Travel Academy offers a hands on classroom experience in this area. Specific specialty training is also brought into the classroom by corporate cruise line trainers.

Your training at The Travel Academy will prepare you for these positions as well as a career in other areas of the travel industry, including, tour providers, car rental companies, hotels, and resorts.

There are general hiring rules due to Canadian law for people who have a minor consumption (underage drinking of alcohol) or DUI (driving under the influence of alcohol) offense on their record. To be a flight attendant for any airline, people must have the ability to travel freely in and out of Canada regardless of the airline’s route, as it may be necessary to divert to Canada as a result of an emergency.

Generally speaking, getting hired with a minor consumption on one’s record is much less difficult than having a DUI. However, both scenarios are subjective and evaluated individually.

  • For a minor consumption, the outcome may vary depending on the time the offense.
  • For a DUI, people may apply for a Deemed Rehabilitation (Canadian Waiver) five (5) years after they have completed their sentence and/or probation. All airlines will administer a 10-year FBI background check. These cases are evaluated individually.

Please click here for more complete information.

Although the Internet has allowed people to book their own basic travel arrangements, travel agents are still in demand for vacation packages, honeymoon trips, luxury travel, tours, and cruises. Furthermore, the advent of online booking has created a need for a new kind of travel agent… One who backs up the website. Each internet booking site has live agents available to help customers with any challenges and assist in travel reservations. These sites use the SABRE Global Distribution Reservation System for making all travel arrangements. And remember, if you become a travel agent, there are a variety of opportunities in the travel industry besides travel agencies.

Yes, The Travel Academy educates students on how to properly prepare a resume and cover letter as well as how to dress professionally and how to interview. The Travel Academy works with students until they are hired and then when they want to get rehired at another travel related position. Students also receive lifetime access to our private Job Hotline once they are halfway through their course.

Kylie P.
Flight Attendant / Republic Airways

I contacted The Travel Academy on a whim during a low point in my life. Steve spoke with me and assured me that I could achieve anything. The very next day I was enrolled and starting my new life journey. The Travel Academy was hands down the best decision I've ever made to further my education and ultimately find myself. It's amazing what you can accomplish in only a few weeks. Just three months ago I was reclusive and working a nine to five office job. Today, I'm beaming with joy and am pursuing my dreams as a flight attendant! My instructors and the entire TTA staff have been nothing but helpful and encouraging. I'd like to share my gratitude to this phenomenal program for helping me discover the person I was always meant to be. I only wish I would have attended sooner! "Once you have tasted flight