Tour Companies

There are a number of tour operators who put together travel packages which are then sold through their websites, or by travel agents and cruise lines. A package may contain from two to five tour components which are: airfare, accommodations, ground transportation, meals, and sightseeing. There are a variety of positions available within a tour company. Here are a few:


Reservation agents are an important part of a tour company. When a customer calls, they are the first contact with the company and so need to possess a friendly, positive attitude with excellent customer service and sales techniques.

Quality Control Agent

A quality control agent is a backup for the reservation agent. The quality control agent will check the reservation agents work to be sure all is in order.

Ticket Agent

The ticket agent is the one who handles the airline tickets at the tour company. For those tours where airfare is offered, the ticket agent is the one who books and then issues the tickets at the appropriate time. A GDS system such as SABRE will be used.

Group Sales Coordinator 

The group sales coordinator will maintain current group files, make changes as required, add or delete seats/rooms as needed, and work closely with travel agents. They are responsible for entering rooming lists and credit card payments. In addition, they will continually monitor each group and make scheduled calls to travel agents.